Checklists and forms for applicants and current students

Including forms for loans, financial aid, student accounts, and student employment.

Check back in October for updated Checklists.

Financial Aid Forms
For detailed instructions on how to apply, required forms and priority filing dates, go to Apply for Financial Aid.
CSS Profile Includes Profile and International Profile
Wellesley College CSS code is 3957. 
Noncustodial Profile Includes Noncustodial Parent Profile
FAFSA Wellesley College FAFSA code is 002224 
2017-2018 Verification Worksheet - Dependent  
2017-2018 Verification Worksheet - Independent
Supplemental Financial Aid Forms
Please do not submit these forms unless requested by a financial aid counselor.
Asset Verification Worksheet
Cash Flow Worksheet
Projected Income Worksheet
Noncustodial PROFILE Waiver Request Appeal Form
Cost Verification Worksheet (consortium agreement for study abroad)
Request for Review (Appeal) Form
Sibling Enrollment Verification
Student Account Forms
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act:
Students designate to whom (such as parents) Wellesley can discuss their student billing
Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Form Form for direct deposit for refunds, travel grants, research grants and expense reimbursements
Refund Request Form Form for requesting refunds - to be direct deposited
W-9S SSN/TIN form for issuance of 1098-T
Student Employment Forms
Jobs will be posted online beginning late August. Link to be provided at a later date!
Required Work Documents will be completed in Workday. More Info to come!