We have completed work on the development of a five-year strategic plan and long-term vision for Wellesley.

This bold plan, which was approved by the Wellesley College Board of Trustees in 2021, draws upon the tremendous strengths of the College to amplify our mission in the future. As the pandemic exposed the deep inequities in our society across race, class, and gender, it also sharpened our commitment to inclusive excellence as a transformative force for our curriculum and our community. It strengthened our belief that Wellesley, as the world’s preeminent women’s college, is and must continue to be a force for change in the world.

We want to thank members of the Steering Committee and the Working Groups for their leadership and deep commitment to this effort. We also want to recognize and thank the many members of our faculty and staff, students and alumnae who contributed their thoughts, insights, and critiques throughout this process.

This plan is a call to action. It captures the voices and aspirations of many members of our community and distills a conversation that has stretched across two entire academic years. It presents all of us with an opportunity and a responsibility. We invite you, in the spirit of optimism and possibility, to join together as “One Wellesley” to realize this bold vision for the future of this remarkable institution.


Paula A. Johnson, President of the College
Andrew Shennan, Provost and Lia Gelin Poorvu ’56 Dean of the College