The Youngest Classroom

The Youngest Classroom is often children’s first preschool experience! This classroom is a calm, nurturing, and warm environment where low child-teacher ratios allow teachers to provide close, individualized attention and support. Spaces and furniture are geared toward the unique needs of toddlers to help them feel comfortable and capable.

As children learn about being part of a classroom and develop awareness and interest in their peers, teachers are right there to support their attempts at socialization and participation in whole-group experiences such as group time, snack time, music time, and nature walks.

The curriculum is emergent and based on the interests and skills of the individual children in the classroom. Sensory-rich experiences and gross motor activities are planned inside and outside the classroom. Curriculum setups are simple and inviting, encouraging exploration and engaged play.

Teachers observe and support children in developing their expressive and receptive language skills during whole-group and one-on-one interactions. Teachers are attentive and responsive, listening carefully to children to ensure they feel known, understood, and appreciated.

Small wooden tables and chairs with other indoor wooden playground equipment

Developmental Themes of the Youngest Classroom:

  • Learning to separate from home to school
  • Building trusting relationships with teachers
  • Understanding what it means to be “at school”
  • Experiencing being part of a community outside of the home
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Beginning to identify and label their emotions
  • Developing language to communicate ideas, thoughts, and feelings
  • Strengthening gross and fine motor skills
  • Learning to play alongside and with other children
  • Practicing following a routine, sitting at a group time, eating snack together, and having conversations - ALL new experiences for them!

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