The college departments in which IMSEUA members work are listed below. Some include a brief description of the department and a link to that department's website. Departments are listed alphabetically.


Animal Facilities

Two union employees work in the animal facilities, taking care of animals studied by the Biology and Psychology Departments.


Botanic Gardens/Greenhouses

Three union workers take care of the Greenhouses and 22 outdoor acres of Botanic Gardens and the beautiful Arboretum.


Carpentry Shop

The carpentry shop builds and repairs anything requiring skills in wood working. It is staffed by five union employees.


College Club

Union employees at the College Club work in the kitchen, dining rooms, and guest rooms serving the campus and the general public for daily business and special events. Seventeen union employees work at the College Club.


Collins Cafe

Two union employees currently help Collins Cafe with the preparation of food for Davis Museum guests, campus staff, and students.



Seventy-one custodians keep all the buildings on campus clean and livable. They also help set up for events and deal with certain building emergencies.


Dining Services

The greatest percentage of union employees (approximately 92) are in dining services. Employees cook for, serve and clean up after students in five dining halls.


Distribution Center

Two union employees work at the Distribution Center to keep all goods used on campus appropriately stocked and delivered.



Fifteen union employees (12 who take care of Wellesley grounds and 3 who take care of the Nehoiden Golf Course) work to keep the campus safe and beautiful. They keep the grass mowed and trimmed, clear roads and paths in the winter, take care of the trees on campus, and maintain the athletic fields.


Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services deals with the many maintenance needs and problems that occur with the many buildings on campus. Shops that fall under Maintenance Services include: the Carpentry Shop, the Electrical Shop, the Energy Shop, the Lock Shop,  the Plumbing Shop, the Sheet Metal Shop, and the Technology Shop. Forty skilled trade union employees work in all of these shops combined.


Motor Pool

Motor pool maintains the fleet of vehicles and small equipment owned by the college, drives the trucks that deliver supplies, and helps with events. There are seven union employees working for Motor Pool.


Physical Education

There are two union employees responsible for running the front desk at the Keohane Sports Center and maintaining the boats and equipment used by Wellesley's athletic teams.


Power Plant

The power plant union employees are truly behind the scenes and are rarely seen out of the power plant, where round-the-clock watches are necessary to make sure head and electricity are delivered uninterrupted to the buildings on campus. Eight employees cover all the shifts at the power plant and maintain the equipment there.