Development Staff

Green Hall

Development Staff

The fundraising team in the Wellesley College Development Office works in support of the College’s mission to educate women who will make a difference in the world. Staff members are happy to answer any questions about giving to Wellesley.


Office of the Vice President

Mary M. Casey
Vice President for Development
781.283.2223 |


Maria Meaney
Administrative Assistant to the VP for Development and the Director of Principal Gifts
781.283.2223 |


Annual Giving Programs

Norma Barrett
Senior Associate Director, The Wellesley Fund
781.283.3335 |


Samantha Bailey
Durant Society Officer, The Wellesley Fund
781.283.2420 |


Mimi Brinkhaus
Development Assistant
781.283.2228 |


Barbara Colonna
Development Assistant
781.283.2222 |


Sarah Gilligan ’09
Associate Director, The Wellesley Fund
781.283.2871 |


Claire Kinder
Assistant Director of Annual Giving Programs
781.283.2383 |


Hillary Leahy
Assistant Director, The Wellesley Fund
781.283.2234 |


Marisa Shariatdoust ’09
Development Officer for Young Alumnae Initiatives
781.283.2470 | 


Leadership Giving

Laura Adamczyk ’87
Senior Development Officer
781.283.2845 |


Kristen H. Andersen
Senior Development Officer
781.283.3345 |


Jessica Baga May
Senior Development Officer
781.283.3375 |


Meave Doherty
Principal Gifts Operations Manager
781.283.3794 |


Dena Getzie
Senior Development Officer
781.283.3508 |


Marisa Jaffe ’95
Director of Principal Gifts
781.283.3846 |


Cassie McKinnon
Administrative Assistant
781.283.2329 |


Elizabeth Scholl
Senior Development Officer
781.283.3442 |


Parent & Family Programs

Sufia Jamal
Senior Associate Director of Annual Giving Programs for Parent & Family Giving
781.283.3509 |


Lesley Robertson ’88
Director of Parent & Family Programs
781.283.2808 | 


Office of Gift Planning

Debra DeVaughn ’74
Director of Gift Planning
781.283.2657 |


Lia Hempel
Assistant Director of Gift Planning
781.283.2872 |


Alleather Toure
Associate Director of Gift Planning
781.283.2758 |


Corporate & Foundation Relations

Karen Ossen
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
781.283.2261 |


Nancy Kilburn ’89
Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
781.283.2242 |


Courtney Suncar
Assistant Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations and
Program Manager, Wellesley College Business Leadership Council
781.283.2246 |


Marketing & Donor Relations

Nancy Brind
Director, Donor Programs for Principal Gifts
781.283.2218 |


Lindsay Darling
Senior Associate Director of Development Marketing
781.283.3772 |


Teresa Harris
Assistant Director of Donor Relations and Special Events
781.283.2493 |


Sarah Levesque
Assistant Director of Special Events and Programs
781.283.2233 |


Mary Helen McCollister
Assistant Director of Donor Relations


Teal Plauché Cole
Senior Associate Director of Donor Relations
781.283.2614 |


Maureen Whelan
Assistant Director of Donor Relations
781.283.2901 |


Julia Wills
Assistant Director of Development Marketing
781.283.3654 |


Development Operations

Kelly Barry
Senior Coordinator for Records Administration
781.283.3585 |


Kathleen Cooper
Coordinator for Gifts and Records Administration
781.283.2225 |


Ester Duggan
Coordinator for Gifts and Records Administration
781.283.2802 |


Lois Enos
Associate Director of Research
781.283.3792 |


Amy Michelson
Director of Fundraising Analytics
781.283.2213 |


Deborah Mulno
Director of Gifts and Records Administration
781.283.3791 |


Melanie Norton
Associate Director of Research
781.283.2785 |


Kerry Stokes
Senior Coordinator for Gifts Administration, Securities Administrator
781.283.3349 |


Ann Stout
Associate Director of Development Operations
781.283.2652 |