Toisha Tucker

black and white photo of superimposed heads in profile with short hair, next to smaller framed photo of the same image

Toisha Tucker, Orlando, digital print, 12 x 12", 2015


Toisha Tucker is a New York-based conceptual interdisciplinary artist. Their work responds to contemporary events and often addresses issues of race, gender, identity, technology, human empathy, and activism. Many of Tucker's pieces are process-based, and some are long-term, ongoing efforts. Content and subject matter drive their choice of media, which often differ from project to project.

dark room crisscrossed by floor to ceiling white and red threads, with red lines on concrete floor
Toisha Tucker; alone together; filament, chalk marker, red flagging text, tape, mindful bodies; 9 x 52 x 34'; 2016


Tucker has a BA in Philosophy and History from Cornell University and an MFA from the UPenn Graduate School of Design. They have exhibited artwork throughout the US, in addition to publishing short stories and curating exhibitions.


series of photos showing hobby lobby receipt, cut up red hats, hat fabric covering a 3D letter R
Toisha Tucker; The Scarlet Letter; pieces of my soul sold to the Devil, Hobby Lobby home décor, Make America Great Again hats sourced from China; 24.5 x 15"; 2016-ongoing


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