Studio Art

Bronze pour at the Wellesley foundry
Student photo shoot
Spatial Investigations installation outside Clapp library
Advanced Photo class critique
Professor McGibbon's Advanced Print Concepts class

The studio art program provides opportunities for sustained creative investigation in painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, video, sculpture, and digital media.

Students are encouraged to relate their studio research to various fields of inquiry so as to make unexpected connections between images, ideas, materials, and histories.

The studio faculty is composed of active professional artists whose teaching approach is highly interactive and personally directed. Emphasis is placed on the way that each student develops a personal vision; how she questions and challenges herself, recognizes the historical and/or theoretical context of her work, and seizes the potential of her medium or genre.

The ability to sustain a constructive dialogue and  analyze a work in progress from different cultural vantage points is vital to many professions, so faculty artists work closely with majors in Architecture, MAS and CAMS as well as Studio Art, and host a range of guest artists and critics in their classes each year. The program supports interdisciplinary projects as well as traditionally focused explorations, and studio majors may concentrate in any medium once foundational requirements have been met. Advanced students collaborate on exhibitions in the Jewett Galleries throughout the year, and all senior majors and minors are expected to exhibit their work formally as they complete their degrees in May.