Arts, Communications, Media

Arts, Communications, Media

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The Arts, Communications, and Media (ACM) Career Community meets the needs of students and alumnae interested in a variety of creative careers across three broad categories: art and design; communications, advertising, and marketing; and media and entertainment. Many exciting and fulfilling careers exist in the creative economy and Wellesley’s rigorous liberal arts curriculum prepares students and alumnae with strengths that are especially relevant to these areas.

ACM opportunities can be found in every sector from nonprofit organizations, education, and government to Fortune 500 companies. Whether you are interested in working in a museum, a lifestyle start-up, a civic arts council, a classroom, an established corporation, somewhere in-between, or somewhere beyond, you can find positions. Students and alumnae are encouraged to get started by exploring the resources below and scheduling an appointment in Handshake to meet with Destiny Barletta, the Career Community Advisor for Arts, Communications, and Media.



Communications Resources

Communications, advertising, market research and development, marketing, and journalism, are explored in the resources below.

Media Resources

Learn more about working in media, publishing, and entertainment industries.

Arts, Communications, Media

Green Hall 441
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481
Tel 781-283-3455

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Top Job Functions

Class of 2019 Top Job Functions in the Arts, Communication, and Media Community
Writing / Editing
Business Development
Design / Art
Marketing — General
Media & PR
Operations / Production

ACM Graduates in the World

What they studied Where they work or attend graduate school What they do
Middle Eastern Studies Prudential Financial Risk Associate
Spanish Harvard Medical School Graduate Research Assistant
Women's and Gender Studies United States Attorney's Office Paralegal
Political Science The Brookings Institution Research Assistant
Physics National Renewable Energy Laboratory Research Intern
Neuroscience Mayo Clinic Research Student
Environmental Studies The Walt Disney Company Plant Science Intern
Computer Science U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Research Assistant at the National Center for PTSD
Comparative Literature America's Test Kitchen Copy Editor
Africana Studies Eastern Bank Credit Analyst
Media Arts and Sciences The Seattle Times Digital and Interactive Intern
Chemistry Vertex Pharmaceuticals Formulation Research Associate II
Music Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Analyst
Geosciences Thomas J. Watson Foundation Watson Fellow
Religion Raytheon Company Global Trade Leadership Development Program
* Highlighted outcomes from 2019 graduates

“Thanks to Career Education’s generous summer internship grant, I have been able to observe and learn about the difficulties and satisfaction of managing a theatre that focuses on marginalized identities.”

20+ Questions to Jump-start Your Career Exploration

College Career Mentors

In this resource, you will find questions meant to prompt your career exploration. Take time to reflect on each question as a strong understanding of oneself will be essential in order to effectively navigate the twists and turns of your unique career path. Get to know your values, personality type, strengths and interests. These all deeply inform your satisfaction with career choice.

“As an intern with the ABC Beijing bureau, I find myself assigned to a variety of tasks, but much of it is helping to research stories, and I’ve even had chance to write a story of my own!”