Career Advising

Grace Hu ’17 and Frances Adjorlolo ’08, Career Community Advisor, Technology, Engineering, & Physical Sciences

Student Career Advising at Wellesley

What do you want to be when you graduate? Rest assured that most Wellesley students are unsure about their career paths and even those that feel certain often do — and should! — change their course. When beginning your career journey, it can be tempting to imagine that it will be one straight line. However, as countless alums will tell you, that’s not the way it works — and that’s a good thing! As the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports, the average worker will have 12-15 jobs in 5-7 different career fields in her lifetime. 



Career Exploration

Regardless of what year you are at Wellesley, we are here to help you explore potential career paths. First-years, sophomores, and juniors are matched with Advisors for Career Exploration (ACEs), who are available for conversations about your values, strengths, and interests. Your ACE will provide the mentorship, tools, connections, and space for self-assessment and reflection to identify the paths you want to pursue. Seniors are encouraged to meet with Industry Advisors for career exploration, as they think through their interests in the context or various fields and plan post-graduation next steps. Schedule an appointment in Handshake to meet with Career Exploration Advisors as follows:

First-years: Ariane Baker, ACE for the Class of 2025

Sophomores: Marisa Crowley, ACE for the Class of 2024

Juniors: Hayley Meredith McIlvaine, ACE for the Class of 2023.

Seniors: Schedule a meeting with Career Advisors in the industries that pique your interest— see below for details! All Industry-specific advisors are trained in general Career Exploration, and they will help you assess whether the field you are considering might be a good fit for you.

Career Advising for Specific Industries and Fields

You may already have some inclination about what industry or field you might like to work within. You also may still be quite uncertain — and that is both normal and completely okay! You don’t need to know exactly what you want to do to meet with a specialized Career Advisor — simply having curiosity about a field or industry is a great place to begin.

To meet with an industry/field specific Career Advisor, make an appointment in Handshake by selecting “Career, Internship, and Graduate School by Industry/Field.“ If you aren’t sure which Advisor covers your field of interest, email and we’ll point you in the right direction! The categories are broadly encompassing, so no matter what your career interests are, there is an Advisor who can work with you to explore the fields you are considering. 

Career Advisors

Peer Career Mentors

The Gig Economy

Ariane Baker

If full-time, permanent, salaried positions are difficult to find in the area you want to work (as is often the case in creative fields), gig work, freelancing, or a side hustle related to your interests could be a good way to gain experience and build your resume. Gig work can also be a path to meeting life’s practical obligations while honing your craft or perusing creative goals.


Ariane Baker

Today's entertainment industry includes everything from the large scale productions of the Hollywood studio system, to the independent work being done within smaller markets, to the new media offerings adapting at the fringe of established distribution channels. A lot of attention and publicity is given to the “above the line” careers such as directing, producing, writing, and acting, but just as many career opportunities are available within support industries like post-production, entertainment law, talent representation, public relations and marketing, and social media.

“I think art’s first goal is to remind us that we are human...”

“Investors don’t have to choose between making money & making the world better... Today’s smart money is investing in people and the planet.”