Summer Internship Credit

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Summer Internship Credit

Wellesley College offers non-academic credit for summer experiential learning opportunities—internships, research, volunteer work—that expand students’ learning beyond the classroom and contribute to students’ professional development. This program was initiated in 2016 as a joint effort between the Committee on Curriculum & Academic Policy (CCAP) and Wellesley Career Education as a way to expand student opportunities to credit-worthy work experiences that complement their Wellesley liberal arts education. 

We encourage students to learn more about about the Summer Internship Credit program and how to apply:

Summer Internship Credit Eligibility

Details about Summer Internship Credit

How to Apply for Summer Internship Credit: Application Process



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Summer Internship Credit Eligibility

Who Is Eligible? Any Wellesley student—in any class year—who will graduate after Summer 2022 is eligible to apply for Summer Internship Credit for qualifying work experience, such as internships, research, and community service. (To see if your summer work experience qualifies, check out the What Experiences Are Eligible? section below.) Students must be enrolled at the College during Spring semester; students on leave should contact Career Education to inquire about eligibility.

Non-immigrant, international students in F-1 or J-1 status who are pursuing an internship in the United States need to apply for employment authorization through Slater International Center. If you are an international student who plans to work for a U.S.-based company or organization (either on-site or remotely), we highly recommend that you speak to Slater about the CPT process. The international student advisors would like to have conversations now with students about CPT with changes in regulations and potential ones this summer. 

What Experiences Are Eligible for Summer Internship Credit?

To receive non-academic credit from the College, a summer experiential learning experience must meet Wellesley’s minimum eligibility requirements as described below. Students are eligible to receive credit regardless of whether they are being compensate for the experience. 

Click here for a downloadable PDF checklist of this Internship Credit Eligibility. 

  • offer a minimum of 300 hours/8 weeks of work for summer internships or a minimum of 40 hours for Hive Internship Projects. Students are expected to work in a full-time capacity with a single organization during that time. Experiences must start after the last day of Spring semester finals and end before the first day of Fall classes.

  • Align with a student’s career goals and prior academic experience so the student can develop skills transferable to future career opportunities. For international students seeking work authorization in the U.S., your internship must be directly related to your major.

  • Allow for direct contact with a qualified professional supervisor to answer questions and provide consistent and timely performance feedback.

  • Present a reasonable job description and expectations​​ that are substantive and meaningful to the student and company yet manageable in the duration of the experience.

  • Provide a professional environment along with the necessary resources to complete assigned duties (e.g., access to appropriate technology, equipment, licensed staff, training).

  • Allow open communication between organization supervisors, Wellesley College staff, and the student, especially in the event of problems or emergencies.

  • Comply with international, employment and government laws, including all applicable regulatory bodies, and have valid and up-to-date licensure, accreditation and any necessary certifications.


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Details about Summer Internship Credit

How Much Summer Internship Credit Is Awarded? Each summer, students can earn up to 0.5 credits for approved internships or experiential learning experiences. Things to note:

  • Summer Internship Credit earned does not count toward the academic credits needed for graduation. However, we still encourage you to participate as awarded credit signals to future employers that your internship met Wellesley College’s high standards for job training and overall experience. 
  • Summer Internship Credit will not be approved or awarded retroactively, which means you cannot apply for credit after your summer experience starts or after it has been completed. 
  • Any student approved to receive Summer Internship Credit must complete the required Summer Internship Pathway by Career Education's specified deadline otherwise they forfeit the credit. Students receive details about requirements (as described in the next section) by the end of the spring semester.


Getting approved for Summer Internship Credit before your summer opportunity starts is only the first part of the award process. Once approved, students must complete the required Summer Internship Pathway throughout their experience in order to be awarded credit.

The Summer Internship Pathway generally includes but is not limited to:

  • Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Health and Safety Information
  • Goal Setting Exercises
  • Mid- and End-of-Experience Reflection Essays
  • End-of-Experience Surveys (Intern and Supervisor)

Students will receive detailed information about assignments by the end of Spring semester. Any student who does not complete Summer Internship Pathway assignments by Career Education's specified deadline​ forfeits internship credit for their summer experience, even if they received the initial approval from Career Education.

How Does the Internship Credit Appear on a Transcript?Students may elect to receive Internship 101 (INT 101) or Research 101 (RES 101) on their  transcript. If the internship is focused on developing professional skills, we recommend that the student choose INT 101; if it is research-oriented, we recommend RES 101.

After a student successfully completes their summer experience and internship requirements, the credit appears on their transcript in the following manner:


The student will see “0.00” in the CRED column as no academic credit was received. The “ELC” notation means in the GRD column means “experiential learning credit.” The .05 non-academic credit is noted in parentheses. 




How to Apply for Summer Internship Credit

Students should request Summer Internship Credit after they have secured their internship placements but before they begin working. Students need to complete the following steps to apply for Summer Internship Credit. This is also outlined in our Guide to Request Summer Internship Credit

1. REVIEW the Summer Experience Eligibility Requirements above or the Internship Credit Eligibility checklist to make sure the secured summer opportunity aligns with our Wellesley requirements.

2. GATHER REQUIRED MATERIALS needed to submit in the application. Use the information below or the Guide to Request Summer Internship Credit.

3. COMPLETE the Summer Internship Credit Application and upload all required documents. 

Once an application has been submitted, students will be contacted by a Wellesley Career Education staff member to let them know if additional information is necessary to process the request. If approved, the student will receive an automated message confirming the request along with a separate official confirmation letter via email.

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Summer experiential learning experiences that qualify for Summer internship Credit must offer a minimum of 300 hours of work over a minimum of 8 weeks or a minimum of 40 hours for Hive Internship Projects. Experiences must take place between May 17, 2022 and September 5, 2022 and meet the Wellesley Summer Internship eligibility requirements described above. Students are expected to work in a full-time capacity with a single organization during that time. 

Application Opens

  • The application opens on April 4, 2022 for all students, both international and domestic.

Application Deadline

  • The application closes on Friday, July 1, 2022

Please note that applications must be submitted prior to the start of your internship. Credit will not be granted retroactively for completed experiences. Also note that international students who need CPT should apply for internship credit as early as possible. After they are approved for internship credit, they may apply for CPT through Slater International Center.