Wellesley Signature Internships

Yangkyi Lhatso '17
Yangkyi Lhatso '17, EduCARE India, Microfinance Project Manager

Wellesley Signature Internships

Wellesley Signature Internships offers 8-10 week college-funded summer internship opportunities specifically for Wellesley students. Internship opportunities are available across all industries and career communities. Students are required to work a minimum of 300 hours during their internship.

Please note: While we hope all Signature Internships for Summer 2022 will be in person, the final decision will be made in Spring 2022 and will depend on global health conditions.


Application Timeline

Update March 9: The following sites are still receiving applications: The Contemporary Jewish Museum (American Cities); City Sprouts, St. Stephen's Youth Programs, The Dimock Center (Lumpkin).

To be considered for these opportunities, you must apply by March 17, 2022 at 11:30 pm EST.

Spring Application Opens: Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Final Spring Application Deadline: Tuesday, March 1, 2022 at 11:30 pm EST
Career Education Nomination Decisions: Friday, April 1, 2022



Click on these links to learn more about
Wellesley Signature Internships and how to apply:


Funding and Internship Credit

Application Process

Selection Process

Signature Internship FAQs


Mailing List

For email reminders and application tips throughout this application period, please sign up for our Internships Mailing List.  



Reviewed program details (including the application process instructions), and ready to apply?

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Signature Internships Eligibility

Signature Internship opportunities are exclusively available for sophomores and juniors. When applying, please carefully read the internship eligibility criteria on this List of Signature Internships as some employers specify preferences for class year, language/academic skills, or current place of residency.

  • Eligible students must be enrolled at the College for Spring 2022 or in a study abroad program (one semester or full year). Students currently on leave for the spring term or the entire academic year are not eligible.
  • International students are welcome and encouraged to apply but will need to obtain Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization through Slater International Center, if the internship is in the U.S.
  • There is no GPA minimum to apply, but all eligible students must be in good academic and social standing. We will review all applicants for past or pending honor code violations.
  • Exchange program students from other institutions who are visiting Wellesley are not eligible. 



Signature Internship Funding & Internship Credit

Most Signature Internship awards are $4,000 and distributed in two separate installments via Workday: $3,750 in mid-June and $250 in September. International students may have to pay taxes on this funding—please check our FAQs for more information.

For placements in which Wellesley covers the cost of housing, interns receive a reduced stipend of $2,500, distributed in two separate installments via Workday: $2,250 in mid-June and $250 in September. These placements include Observer Research Foundation (Mumbai, India), Center for Cross-Cultural Learning (Rabat, Morocco), Vieques Conservation & Historical Trust (Puerto Rico); Asian Rural Institute (Nasushiobara, Japan), and all placements in the Lumpkin Program. 

In order to receive the full stipend award, the participating intern must:

  • Submit pre-internship paperwork (e.g., Risk & Release, Internship Agreement, Pre-Internship Survey).
  • Work a minimum of 8 weeks/300 hours.
  • Complete all Career Education requirements including the Summer Internship Pathway exercises (e.g., Goal Setting, Surveys, Reflections, advisor meetings) and student surveys.
  • Agree to make the Signature Internship their only job responsibility during the designated internship weeks. 

If a student does not complete their internship or the Summer Internship Pathway exercises in full, they may be reported to the Honor Code Committee and may be required to return all or part of their stipend. 

We require students to make their Signature Internship their full-time commitment. Students are not permitted to accept any other full-time or part-time positions or enroll in any summer courses (virtual or otherwise) that would coincide with program dates. (Some exceptions may appy; Students should discuss specifics with the Internships Team at internships@wellesley.edu.) 

In addition to funding, students awarded a Signature Internship are also pre-approved to receive non-academic summer internship credit for their experience. Students decide whether they want this credit to appear on their transcript as an internship or research experience (INT 101 or RES 101). For more information, please see our FAQS.

To earn internship credit, students must complete all Summer Internship Pathway assignments by the first day of fall classes. Students who do not complete the Summer Pathway by the deadline forfeit the credit but are still required to submit the Pathway work.


Application Process

Step 1: Explore Signature Internship Opportunities

We have dozens of Signature Internships available in four different areas. To explore the opportunities in each area, please click on each link below. (To view all the available internships in one document, use this List of Signature Internships.) Update March 9: The following sites are still receiving applications: The Contemporary Jewish Museum (American Cities); City Sprouts, St. Stephen's Youth Programs, The Dimock Center (Lumpkin).

To be considered for these opportunities, you must apply by March 17, 2022 at 11:30 pm EST.

Pro Tip: As you explore the internship opportunities, take notes about the most compelling job(s) so you can use that information later to effectively tailor your application materials.

  1. Sama Mundlay ‘20 American Cities Internships—These internships are designed for students who want to work in major U.S. cities and engage in the social, economic, and/or cultural realities of diverse urban environments.
  2. Biomedical Research and Health Internships—These internships offer pre-health students the opportunity to conduct research or work in a lab setting.
  3. Global Citizenship Internships—These internships provide students the opportunity to work with international organizations and communities around the world and hone cultural competency leadership skills.
  4. Lumpkin Summer Institute for Service-Learning Internships—These internships offer students the opportunity to work in Boston-based non-profits geared toward social change and community engagement. 

Step 2: Prepare Signature Internship Application

To apply for a Signature Internship, ALL students must submit 3 required PDF documents—Short-Answer Questions, Cover Letter, Resume—tailored to the targeted Signature Internship. Guidelines for each required document are listed below or use this Signature Internships Application Checklist.

Some employers also require supplemental materials (e.g., transcript, writing sample), so please carefully check the special application requirements included in the internship description or listed on our Signature Internship List

  1. You may apply for up to two Signature Internship opportunities. However, please note that you must submit two separate applications, one for each distinct opportunity.
  2. Your short-answer questions, cover letter, and resume will be reviewed and scored by the Career Education team when nominating candidates. If nominated, both your cover letter and resume will be sent to the appropriate employer so they can make their final intern selections. These materials will be sent in whatever form you submit, so be sure they are tailored to the employer, addressed properly, and of the highest professional standards!

Pro Tip: Save your final versions of these materials as PDFs before you start to submit your application in the Workday platform.


Build a current, high-quality resume that adheres to the professional standards outlined in the Signature Internship Application Checklist.  

Consult Wellesley’s Resume Guidelines, Resume Videos (Building a Resume from Scratch and  How to Write a  Resume), and four sample resumes for more resume guidance.

Create a professional cover letter tailored to the internship position and addressed to the appropriate Signature Internship employer using this Signature Internship List. We will not send any cover letters to employers that are not formatted properly and addressed to the appropriate contact! 

For more cover letter guidance, review the Signature Internship Application Checklist and explore Wellesley Career Education’s Cover Letter Samples and Guidelines or video on Mastering the Art of the Cover Letter.

Respond to the two short-answer questions below to explain how the Signature Internship will help you achieve your personal, professional, and/or academic goals. Please follow these guidelines or consult this Signature Internships Application Checklist:

  • No more than one page (in total for both questions) in a single PDF
  • Margins of at least 1”
  • Single-spaced
  • Minimum 11-point font in Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman
  • Each question answered separately

Your responses to these two questions will NOT be sent to the employers but will be formally reviewed by the Career Education team when nominating candidates. Each question will be scored separately and used as part of your final application score, so please answer each question in a thoughtful and professional manner. 

Which Signature Internship opportunity will you be pursuing and why? How will this opportunity align with your interests and career goals to help you grow? How do you envision contributing to your proposed opportunity?  

Tips: This means we want you to clearly explain your motivation for pursuing this opportunity. Give us specific details that directly connect your interests/future career goals to this possible opportunity and explain what you can contribute and hope to learn in the process.

What have you learned already that you can build on and apply to this opportunity? While your answer should focus on academic preparation, you are welcome to mention other relevant extracurricular or volunteer experiences.

Tips: This means we want you to discuss specific academic pursuits (and any other applicable experiences) that have prepared you for this possible internship (e.g., courses, research, class projects). Do not solely list classes but provide us with clear details about the knowledge, skills, experiences you’ve gained that have prepared you for the position.


Step 3: Submit Application Materials

The Signature Internships application is open for limited sites in the Spring 2022 (Placements in Lumpkin are City Sprouts, Dimock Center, & Mass Audubon, and St. Stephen's; Placements in American Cities are EFA Blackburn & Contemporary Jewish Museum). Application opens on February 1, 2022 and closes March 1, 2022 at 11:30 pm EST. 

Once your application documents are complete, save your application documents as PDFs (e.g., Short-Answer Questions, Cover Letter, Resume, Reference, and other supplemental materials) before starting your Workday application so you can upload them when prompted in the application system. 

The entire application needs to be completed in one sitting as Workday does not allow you to save an application to work on at a later time.

We strongly recommend that you submit your application well in advance of the deadline to ensure successful submission. Please email internships@wellesley.edu immediately if you have any technical difficulties so that we can help resolve the issue and ensure your materials are received before the deadline.

Applications cannot be edited after they are submitted, so please check (and double check!) before clicking on the orange “Submit” button at the end of the application. If the application deadline has not yet passed and you need to make changes to your application, please contact internships@wellesley.edu

Once you’ve finalized ALL the required PDF documents outlined in this Signature Internship List, please follow these instructions to submit your application:

  1. Log onto your Workday account (icon at the top of the page) through the My Wellesley portal. 
  2. Click on the “Career” Worklet in the Applications section.


  1. Select “Find a Summer Internship” in the View section.

  1. Select the appropriate application: “Signature Internships Application” for your first or only internship or “Signature Internships Application (for second application)” if applying for a second Second Internship.

  1. Read the internship description then click on the orange “Apply” button and follow the specific instructions for each section.

  2. Once you’ve answered all questions and uploaded ALL required materials, please click on the orange “Submit” button

Remember, applications cannot be edited after they are submitted, so please check (and double check!) before clicking “Submit.” If the application deadline has not yet passed and you need to make changes to your application, please contact internships@wellesley.edu. For information about how to confirm or withdraw your application in Workday, please click here




Signature Internship Selection Process

Signature Internships award nominations are based on the quality of a student’s application materials and the needs of our Signature Internship employers, not on a student’s financial need. Our nomination process also prioritizes students who have not previously received summer funding from the College.  

Students may apply for up to two Signature Internships but must submit the application twice, one for each distinct internship.

Our Signature Internships review process consists of two rounds (if nominated):

Wellesley’s Career Education staff reviews and individually scores ALL SUBMITTED APPLICATION MATERIALS to identify the strongest applicants and make nominations for each placement. Typically 3-5 applicants are nominated per placement.

Wellesley Career Education will communicate application results to students by December 1, 2021. 

Once 3-5 nominees have been selected for each placement, Career Education sends their submitted COVER LETTERS and RESUMES to each Signature Internship employer. Employers then review these materials, conduct interviews (if desired), and select their final intern candidate(s). 

Wellesley Career Education will communicate employer decisions to students in mid-January (fall applicants) and late April (spring applicants).