Fellowships & Scholarships

Anne Shen
Anne Shen '17, 2016 Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Fulbright recipient.

Fellowships & Scholarships

Fellowships and scholarships provide exciting opportunities for students and alumnae to explore and deepen their academic, personal and professional interests in the U.S. and abroad. Fellowships serve as an investment in individuals, for opportunities like:

• studying a language
• conducting academic research
• completing a service project
• pursuing graduate study
• designing and executing an independent project

Most importantly, the application process is a valuable opportunity to learn about yourself and to grow in unexpected way. There are hundreds of opportunities available — and many are available for international students!

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From travel fellowships, to scholarships for graduate study, and beyond, learn about the many fundingopportunities open to students and alumnae in the arts or humanities.



Research, graduate or professional study, independent projects, and so much more — there are hundreds of funding opportunities for the STEM students and alumnae of every nationality.


Social Sciences

Funding opportunities in the social sciences include independent projects, graduate study, travel fellowships, studying a language, teaching, and more. What opportunity is right for you?

International Students

It's a common — but untrue— myth that fellowships and scholarships are only open to U.S. Students. Learn about opportunities for students of any nationality.


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Total awarded through Wellesley-funded & graduate fellowships in 2018–19

Power of Partners

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Amal Cheema
My professors and peers taught me that wherever you look, there is a question that needs to be explored and that can speak to your meaning in life. When you find one, you must believe you can answer it and realize that you may be surprised by what you discover.
Amal Cheema ’17
2017 Watson fellowship recipient

A Brief Introduction to Fellowships and Scholarships

Kate Dailinger
Kate Dailinger

Fellowships and scholarships offer funding to support a range of purposeful activities, including undergraduate research, language study/other study abroad, self-designed projects, teaching and service, graduate or professional study, or even internships and professional placements. They can open doors for you to things you might not be able to pursue otherwise.

There are opportunities for students and graduates of every nationality and at every stage of their careers. What might be the right fit for you?

Introduction to Fellowships for Alumnae

Kate Dailinger
Kate Dailinger

Fellowships and scholarships can fund graduate or professional study, purposeful travel, professional placements, self-designed projects, and so much more. They can help you build your experience and qualifications, help you explore a passion, and clarify a path forward. What would you do with a fellowship?

Fellowships and Scholarships for Graduate Study

Kate Dailinger
Kate Dailinger

There are more fellowships and scholarships than you might think there are to help fund graduate or professional study. It’s helpful to be creative and persistent in your search, and in your applications. This research will give you an overview of some of the fellowships out there, and tips for searching for opportunities.