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COVID-19 & Recruiting

Wellesley College transitioned to virtual instruction on March 30th for the duration of the spring semester. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we address the ongoing COVID-19 situation, while still wanting to provide employers with opportunities to connect with Wellesley College talent. Students and employers are still actively participating in virtual activities and connecting via job and internship listings on Handshake. Please contact Courtney Burke, Program Director for Employer Engagement for more information or if you wish to begin discussing Fall 2020 recruiting. 

Please Note: We continue to closely monitor updates as they relate to COVID-19. For more information please refer to the college’s dedicated COVID-19 website and Career Education’s 2020-21 Recruiting FAQ page.

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Are you looking to hire Wellesley students for internships or full-time opportunities? Explore our employer resources to learn how to connect with us on Handshake and work with our team to create a customized recruiting plan for your organization or company. You'll find our on-campus recruiting policies, information about hosting events, and more.


Wellesley's On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) program brings employers from diverse organizations and companies to campus to recruit students for internship and full-time opportunities. In addition to interviewing on campus, employers partner with Career Education as co-educators, organizing dozens of workshops & info sessions each year.

Employer Engagement Contacts

Employer Partners
Wellesley students are extremely motivated with high levels of integrity and work ethic. They take advantage of their available resources to solve complex problems. The students are always asking intelligent questions so they understand the bigger pictures that the analysis they are completing is a part of. Wellesley College's rigorous academics prepare students for challenging internships and provide students with very mature perspectives.
Jake Housman
Senior Manager, Boston Consulting Group

Career Outcomes Rate

of Class of 2018 graduates were employed, accepted to graduate school, participating in a service/volunteer program, or serving in the military within 6 months of graduation
graduate school
volunteer program
still seeking
Ethnic Diversity
Top 4

Wellesley has been ranked in the top 4 for ethnic diversity among private liberal arts colleges for most of the 21st century. — US News and World Report

Highly Selective

of applicants were accepted to the Wellesley College Class of 2021

On-Campus Recruiting Program Policies (Students)

Courtney Burke

Career Education requires all students to abide by the following rules in order to maintain the success and integrity of Wellesley’s recruiting program.

On-Campus Recruiting Program Policies (Employers)

Courtney Burke

Wellesley College has developed the following guidelines to promote an equitable and fair recruiting experience on behalf of our employers as well as our students. It is our expectation that employers who participate in on-campus recruiting become familiar with the following policies as well as reference these policies throughout the year. If any of the following expectations conflict with internal company hiring procedures, please do not hesitate to reach out.

2020-21 Recruiting FAQs for Employers

Courtney Burke

This resource provides details about how Wellesley Career Education will support recruiting during the 2020-21 academic year

“Chuyue took a summer internship with our Asset Sustainability Group and worked on setting up and evaluating Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FDD) Rules within Ameresco’s Building Dynamics framework. Ameresco had been collecting data from the Wellesley building automation system and Sun worked on establishing the applicable fault detection and diagnostic rules. The final result was a report that could be run across numerous air handling units (across different buildings) for about 20+ FDD rules for a given period to identify when and how frequently the faults occurred.”

Internship Guidelines, Best Practices, and Eligibility

Lorraine Hanley ’98

Learn about Wellesley Career Education's criteria for an experience to be defined as an internship.