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About Wellesley Career Education

The Wellesley Career Education model illuminates the strengths of the liberal arts education and encourages active participation of the full College ecosystem in order to support every Wellesley woman from the moment she arrives on-campus through her alumnae years. Connections and communities form the heart of our model. 

Our students proactively engage in the process of exploring the intersection between self and society, engaging and testing their curiosities, and forming meaningful connections within career communities that cover a broad array of industries and career fields. 

Our Vision

To be the leader in cultivating women leaders of the future

Our Mission

To prepare and inspire every Wellesley woman to craft a lifetime of opportunity and realize her full potential



Our Model

Exploration and Experiential Learning

Exploration &
Experiential Learning

The Exploration and Experiential Learning Team works with students to encourage them to fully explore the intersection between self and society. This team includes our Advising staff, Fellowship Program, Wellesley-Funded Internship Program, and Civic Engagement Program.  

Employer and Alumnae Connections

and Alumnae Connections

The Employer and Alumnae Connections creates diverse support networks based on student's career interests and identities. This team also supports alumnae as they navigate their advanced careers, build connections, overcome obstacles, and celebrate success at every stage.


Operations and Analytics

The Operations and Analytics Team provides the infrastructure and insight necessary to influence Wellesley's reputation through outcomes and outreach. 

Our Technology



Handshake is Wellesley's online platform for finding jobs and internships, making appointments with mentors and advisors, and registering for Career Education events. Use your Wellesley username and password to log in. Fill out the "Career Interests" section in the drop down in the upper-righthand corner under your name to customize your experience and start exploring! 

The Wellesley Hive

The Wellesley Hive

The Wellesley Hive is a flexible, interactive virtual space for professional networking and mentorship. Through this Wellesley-exclusive platform, you can connect with alumnae and students as a mentor, mentee, or both. Log in to the Wellesley Hive using your Wellesley credentials, and follow the guided process to customize your involvement and improve your connections.

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Information for
Parents & Families

Learn about the ways that Wellesley Career Education supports students and alumnae along their career paths — and ways that you can be there for your student as a parent or family member. 


Resources for
Faculty & Staff

As a faculty or staff member at Wellesley, you can also play a critical role in supporting a student along her career journey. Learn more about ways to partner with Career Education and how to encourage student exploration.


Career Advisors

Alumnae Connections

Employer Engagement

Health Professions

Civic Engagement

Fellowships & Scholarships

Wellesley-Funded Internships

Operations & Analytics