Hive Internships Projects


Hive Internship Projects

Hive Internship Projects are short-term, virtual experiences that are designed by unbundling long-term internships and separating out individual projects that can be completed remotely. Students benefit from working on a real-world project for an alumna, employer, or parent, while organizations gain timely support from students.

Hive Internship Project Challenge

projects already posted for students! Help us get to 300 by June 15.

Sample Hive Internship Projects

Supporting nonprofit development work for a youth advocacy foundation
Logo Design
Designing a new logo and brand for a company in the arts industry
Working on a communication and social media project for a public health company
Online Education
Supporting online curriculum development for a new virtual learning company
Completing an annotated bibliography for a book chapter being written by a professor
Public Health
Public Health
Supporting a public health community organization that primarily serves individuals dealing with substance abuse and homelessness

Design a Project

You can design a Hive Internship Project by unbundling a long-term internship and separating out an individual project that can be completed remotely. Students benefit from working on a real-world project, while your company or organization will gain timely support from students. The key components of a Hive Internship Project are:

  • Short-term & virtual: Opportunities should last 40–80 hours, over the course of about 2–4 weeks in the summer (June 1  – August 15).
  • Professional experiences: These projects are professional in nature but do not require affiliation with a formal organization. Career Education will review each project before postings are visible to student applicants and will reach out with any questions within 2 business days.
  • Defined goals: Projects should have a concrete goal that can be completed in the set timeframe.
  • Mentorship: Beyond skill-building and completion of a professional task, Hive Internship Projects are learning opportunities for students, supported through your guided mentorship. Career Education has written a resource to help you navigate how to both supervise and support the professional development of a student through your project.
  • Stipend: Employers and alumnae are encouraged to fund their company’s project if they are able at a recommended rate of $15/hr for a total stipend of $600 - $1,200 based on the total number of hours. Thanks to existing donor gifts, Career Education has limited funding available to provide students with stipends for unpaid opportunities in some fields. Reach out to Sarah Ahmed at to see if your unpaid project would qualify for this stipend.

Tips for Virtual Management

Watering Can

Providing Virtual Mentorship

Supervising a student remotely comes with some unique challenges, but Career Education has designed a resource to help you create a successful and impactful virtual experience.


Step-by Step Tips

Our technical support document walks you through how to log-in to The Wellesley Hive and post your Hive Internship Project, and provides answers to FAQs about the posting process.


For support posting your Hive Internship Project, please contact:
Project structure & funding: Sarah Ahmed at
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