Questions about what a chemical physics major is like?

Ask someone who has interest/majored in it!

Kathryn Ledbetter '15
Kathryn is currently in the Physics PhD program at Stanford University. She is doing research in ultrafast photochemistry of chemical complexes in the Stanford/SLAC PULSE Institute. Kathryn did her honors thesis with Professor Glenn Stark.

Aiman Sherani '15
Aiman did her honors thesis with Professor Mala Radhakrishnan. She is currently at the University of Chicago to get a Ph.D in chemistry.

Hannah Sim '16
Hannah is currently in a chemical physics Ph.D. program at Harvard University. She has started and would like to continue working on projects in quantum computing and quantum chemistry, combining theory and computation to better investigate complex chemical systems. Hannah did her honors thesis with Professor Don Elmore.

Hikari Murayama '16
Hikari is currently working at an economic consulting firm in Washington D.C.. Although this does not involve chemistry or physics, the quantitative, programming and analytic skills she has developed completing her major have enabled her to pursue routes she never thought she would be able to before. Hikari did her honors thesis with Professor Megan Nunez.

Jyoti Campbell '18
Jyoti plans to continue studying the ice chemistry of astrochemical interest. She currently works in Professor Chris Arumainayagam's lab.

Katherine Chan '18
Katherine is now at the University of California Berkeley.

Julia Wainwright '19
Julia worked with Professor Robbie Berg over summer 2017. She researched the nitrogen-vacancy defect in diamonds, which the professor worked on in collaboration with the Center for Integrated Quantum Materials.

Christina Buffo '19
Right now, Christina is doing research in Professor Chris Arumainayagam's lab.  As a career path, she's hoping to both do research and become involved in science policy.

Alyssa Kranc '19
Alyssa is currently working on her honor's thesis with Professor Mala Radhakrishnan.