Research Interests

The intent of this statement is to explain the overarching goals of my research work to non-specialists. The research statement is organized as follows. Background information pertaining to surface chemistry and catalysis is provided in the first section. The next five sections describe research goals and accomplishments relating to surface chemistry. I next consider a technique we have developed at Wellesley College to probe radiation chemistry. The final section describes my future research plans that have applications to environmental chemistry.

Radiation Chemistry

  • New Technique to Probe Radiation Chemistry.  more
  • Probing Electron-Induced Reactions in Nanoscale Thin Films.  more 

Surface Chemistry

  • Background Information About Surface Chemistry. more
  • Understanding the Trapping of Molecules on Surfaces. more
  • Probing Surface Reaction Mechanisms. more
  • Characterizing Defect Sites on Surfaces. more
  • Probing the Interaction Between Molecules and Surfaces. more
  • Quantifying Photochemical Reactions on Surfaces. more

Video is a Wellesley College Board of Admissions video of my research lab. The video shows Lachelle Weeks, a Wellesley undergraduate, working in my radiation chemistry research lab. Lachelle is now an MD-PhD student at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.