AB, Brandeis University
Special student, Hebrew University (Jerusalem)
MA, MPhil, PhD, Columbia University
Post-doctoral, University of Paris (Etienne Baulieu's group)


Biochemistry, Structural biology, Women in science, Equality of access to education, Pedagogy


I often teach Biochemistry, and currently teach CHEM 220. I have also taught courses in Women in Science, including a FY seminar, and have taught Introductory Chemistry, both on its own and in combination with Introductory Biology.I have directed, and remain on the Advisory Committe of the Biological Chemistry program at Wellesley.


My lab group studies the structure, function, and regulation of peptidases. See the Wolfson Lab site for more information on publications and student projects.

Other Professional Activities:

I was the first director of the Three-College Collaboration, which formalizes the relationship among Wellesley, Olin, and Babson Colleges.

I am active in the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and authored a report for the Society on Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Liberal Education, funded by the Teagle Foundation. I currently chair the ASBMB committee to accredit biochemistry/molecular biology undersgraduate programs. I have been a workshop leader and consultant for Project Kaleidoscope and for AAC&U, a member of the editorial board of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, and on the advisory boards of an ADVANCE program and the Biology Scholars Writing Project, among others.


Away from work, I like to read (including as a subject specialist recording for the blind and dyslexic), do crossword puzzles, hike, and "chase" eclipses.


Solar eclipse, 2006, as seen from Salloum, Egypt


on completing the Long Trail, MA to Canada, on the VT/Canada border, Sept 2011