Wellesley Artificial Language Learning Lab

Welcome to the Wellesley Language & Speech Lab, where we study the acquisition of phonetics and phonology by children and adults through experiments involving natural and artificial languages.

The Wellesley Language & Speech Lab conducts research on language acquisition and is located in Rooms 154 and 155 in the Clapp Library at Wellesley College.

The lab includes a sound-attenuated room with computers for recording and conducting experiments. We also have a space for research and meetings. Experiments have also been conducted off-site, including the Wellesley College Child Study Center, in private homes, at various universities in Montreal, and in France. 

Language & Speech Lab


Our lab is currently seeking children aged 9-10 to participate in the Children’s Acquisition of a Novel Language experiment. If you are a parent of a nine- or ten-year-old child and wish to learn more about the study or are interested in having your child participate, please contact Angela Carpenter at acarpent@wellesley.edu

Click here for Parent Information Letter and Consent Forms