Hello Red Hot Class of 2024!

This year we, Caroline Alt ‘21 and Melissa He ‘21 are serving as the Co-Coordinators of the Davis Museum Student Advisory Committee (DMSAC)! We want to personally introduce you to the Davis Museum and welcome you to Wellesley. We are so happy to have you here!

As seniors, we have lots of tips and tricks, but we will distill them down to three pieces of advice.

1.) Know that you are so loved on campus. While this time is so uncertain, you are not alone and you have an entire community excited to meet and get to know you. Feel free to even reach out to one of us! We also highly recommend joining an org if it catches your eye—maybe even DMSAC?

2.) Get to know your professors! They just might be some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet. So many Wellesley professors are some of the most amazing, caring people and they will always be there to provide you the support you need. We suggest scheduling a Zoom call or making an office hours appointment and getting to know them and their research.

3.) Visit the Davis Museum at least once while at Wellesley! Maybe plan a friend outing together when it reopens or just go by yourself to enjoy the peaceful, open energy of the Davis. We are fortunate to have such an extensive collection on campus that is available every day. Check out exhibitions, pieces curated by peers, or drop in for the amazing lectures! This semester the Davis is available virtually so check us out.

We are so excited to see you around, both on campus and on Zoom!

You can reach us at calt@wellesley.edu and mhe@wellesley.edu if you have any questions about DMSAC, programs, or events at the Davis!


Caroline and Melissa