Coloring Pages and Activities

Explore the Davis through art making, self-guided activities, treasure hunts, and a series of coloring pages inspired by works from the permanent collections. Check back as we add more projects, and tag your art with #DavisAtADistance!

Coloring Pages for Download:

Aromatherapy Sachets
Making homemade sachets is a fun and easy way of practicing self-care through aromatherapy and crafting! Many of the materials for these sachets, like flower petals and orange rinds, are inspired by the nature found in still lifes, landscapes, and other artworks in the Davis's permanent collections. Think of these sachets as scented snapshots of art that you can experience at any time!

De Stijl Faux Stained Glass
Recreate the luminous effects of stained glass at home through the construction of a De Stijl-inspired faux glass panel, characterized by geometric lines, angles, squares, and rectangles in bold colors. 

Ancient Mediterranean Galleries Coloring Page
Color in this view of the Davis Museum's Ancient Mediterranean galleries. What ancient objects can you find?

Animal Adventures Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt from Free Fun Friday, August 9, 2018

Moche Vessels Self-Guided Activity Known for their pottery and inspired by the world around them, Moche artists from Northern Peru recreated people and animals in clay. Explore how two vessels show animals in different ways, and recreate your own!

Día de la familia: Art_Latin_America: Against the Survey
Family Day Treasure Hunt from April 27, 2019
The Davis welcomed visitors of all ages to participate in programming and activities inspired by Latin American art and culture and the special exhibition Art_Latin_America: Against the Survey.

Vessels around the Globe Activity Booklet 
The Davis collection contains vessels with different styles, materials, and purposes unique to where and when they were created. This booklet contains drawing activities and puzzles to guide you through an exploration of vessels containing culturally important images and symbols. 

Roman Mosaics Self-Guided Activity
The Romans used mosaics to decorate their homes. Take a closer look at this floor mosaic.

Winter Coloring Scene
Add some color, and enjoy the sights of a winter street scene.