Virtual Care Package for Wellesley College Students

Enjoy a virtual care package from the Davis with access to activities inspired by works from the permanent collections and downloadable coloring pages.

Flower Crown Activity: Explore the natural world by crafting your own flower garland inspired by the still lifes and natural scenes from the Davis's permanent collections.

Aromatherapy SachetsMaking homemade sachets is a fun and easy way of practicing self-care through aromatherapy and crafting! Many of the materials for these sachets, like flower petals and orange rinds, are inspired by the nature found in still lifes, landscapes, and other artworks in the Davis's permanent collections. Think of these sachets as scented snapshots of art that you can experience at any time!

Flower Sunday Line Art: Celebrate Flower Sunday and the start of the school year by coloring bouquets inspired by works in the Davis's collections!

Coloring Pages for Download:

Ancient Mediterranean Galleries Coloring Page
Color in this view of the Davis Museum's Ancient Mediterranean galleries. What ancient objects can you find?