Student Awards

The economics department recognizes excellence among its students.

Annual awards are granted toward the end of the spring semester.

2022 Economics Department Award Winners

The Natalie Bolton Faculty Prize in Economics (Best 200-level Paper):
Eshika Kaul '23, Lynsey Rumbaut '22, Nina Zhang '21 for What Do You Care About?

The Natalie Bolton Faculty Prize in Econometrics:
Katherine Guo '23, Eman Khatri '23, Julie Ma '23 for Effect of Medicare Expansion on Mental Health Outcomes for the Elderly

The Natalie Bolton Faculty Prize in Economics (Best 300-level Papers):
Emily Hur '22, Rachel Moberg '22, Lily Wancewicz '23 for Fresh Tomatoes from Mexico: A Critical Analysis of the United States International Trade Commission and the Department of Commerce's Anti-Dumping Rule

Lambie Prize in Economic History:
Zahra Thabet '22

The Natalie Bolton Thesis Prize:
Domestic Economics, Cynthia Zhao '22, Accumulated Gender Discrimination in the Legal Field: Evidence from 
American Lawyers

International Economics, Tianyu Chu '22, The Universal Two-Child Policy and the Motherhood Penalty
Economic Policy, Anushka Kelshikar '22, Environmental Effects of Trade Liberalization: The China Shock and its
Impact on U.S. Manufacturing, Employment, Air Quality, and Infant Mortality

Economic Theory, Melissa Carlton '22, Discrimination Against Hispanic Workers and U.S. Economic Growth

The Wall Street Journal Award:
Navya Chawla '22 and Libby Chang '22

The Natalie Bolton Student Prize:
Zahra Thabet '22