One of the most significant barriers to pursuing higher education is cost.

Wellesley’s approach to financial aid breaks down this barrier and expands access to education for exceptional students regardless of family income or background. We meet 100 percent of calculated need for all admitted students.

When you invest in financial aid at Wellesley, you create a more inclusive environment by sending a message to prospective students that not only does the College want them to attend, but generations of Wellesley women and friends of the College embrace them, believe in their potential, and want them to succeed.

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Student Stories

  • Lisako Koga ’23

    Lisako Koga ’23

    "Wellesley does a really great job of emphasizing its financial commitment to all students, regardless of their socioeconomic status."

  • Emiliana Marcano ’24

    Emiliana Marcano ’24

    "Whenever I'm walking on campus and I'm thinking about the opportunities that the financial aid and in general Wellesley has given me, it feels liberating."

  • Amanda Hernandez ’18

    Amanda Hernandez ’18

    "The examples that people could give based on their own experiences at home, enriched my classroom experience and what I understand about the world."