Financial Aid

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Financial Aid

Your gift can open the door to a promising future. Expanding access to education is one of Wellesley’s highest priorities. Gifts to The Wellesley Fund help the College meet 100 percent of calculated financial need for every enrolled student, allowing students of all backgrounds to seize the opportunities of a Wellesley education.

Students like Sarah Jelimo Kimutai ’24, of Trans Nzoia, Kenya, who plans to major in computer science and hopes to one day have an impact on her local community. Or Angeles Garcia Cassin ’09, who didn’t think a Wellesley education was in reach for her family. Now a successful employment lawyer based in Houston, she credits Wellesley’s generous aid with allowing her to graduate with minimal debt so that she could afford law school.

Meet Sarah

Sarah Jelimo Kimutai ’24

Sarah Jelimo Kimutai ’24

When Sarah Jelimo Kimutai ’24 came to Wellesley last fall, it was the first time she had left her home in Trans Nzoia, Kenya. She had never considered attending a U.S. school, but when she learned about Wellesley, she fell in love with the mission, community, and spirit of the College. When she was accepted, Wellesley’s offer of financial aid made it possible for her to enroll.

“Wellesley’s financial aid has been the greatest thing for me and my family,” Sarah says. “I am able to attend this great school far away from home, without additional financial stress for my parents. At Wellesley, I feel taken care of and protected. I have the freedom to try new things and take advantage of opportunities available to me, because I don’t need to worry as much about whether I can afford them.”

Sarah plans to major in computer science and eventually go to graduate school, and she hopes to one day have an impact on her local community in Trans Nzoia. She wants more kids like her— especially girls—to learn about schools like Wellesley. 


Meet Angeles

Angeles Garcia Cassin ’09

Angeles Garcia Cassin ’09

When Angeles Garcia Cassin ’09 was accepted to Wellesley, she didn’t think she would attend, mostly because she didn’t think her family could afford the tuition. But when Wellesley invited her to attend Spring Open Campus free of cost, she decided to make the trip.

“At one point during my visit to campus, I sat with a group of students in Tower Court dining hall, and told them how much I wanted to come to Wellesley, but I was concerned about how much it cost,” Angeles recalls. “The students insisted I should talk to Student Financial Services, and one of them even walked with me to the office in Green Hall. I explained my family’s financial situation to their staff, and had my financial aid offer by the end of that week. Thanks to that support, Wellesley cost less for me to attend than the public state university close to my home in Texas. Being able to choose Wellesley felt like a little miracle.”

Now a successful employment lawyer based in Houston, Angeles says that graduating from Wellesley with so little debt made it significantly easier for her to take on the necessary debt to pay for law school. 


Gifts from alumnae play a key role. As students and families experience increased financial need due to the economic impact of the pandemic, Wellesley is making a concerted effort to meet those needs. Gifts from alumnae play a key role in helping the College maintain, and grow, its financial aid program:

  • Fifty-seven percent of current students receive financial aid.

  • The average need-based financial aid grant is $55,000.

  • Twenty-four percent of Wellesley students receive federal Pell Grants.

  • Wellesley awarded $67.9 million in financial aid in 2019–2020.

Students who come to Wellesley are already working toward great achievement in their lives—they are “women who will” before they set foot on campus. Wellesley’s robust financial aid gives them the opportunity to receive an exceptional liberal arts education. The College, its educational experience, and the Wellesley community are better because of the diversity and caliber of students it is able to attract and retain.



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Sarah Jelimo Kimutai ’24 joined the Wellesley community in fall 2020, venturing from her home country of Kenya for the first time in her life. She credits financial aid with enabling her to attend this great school far away from home without additional financial stress for her parents. She plans to major in computer science and hopes one day to attend graduate school.