Harambee House

Welcome to Harambee House!

The purpose of Harambee House is to provide social, emotional, and academic support to students of African descent at Wellesley College. Additionally, Harambee House provides enlightening cultural activities for the Wellesley College community, as well as educational, cultural and social activities for students, faculty and staff of African descent. Named after the Swahili term for "working together," Harambee has been serving the Wellesley community of African descent and the college since 1970.


Harambee House Celebrates Ethos' 50th Anniversary

Wellesley College was forever changed 50 years ago when Ethos was founded. Since its inception, Ethos has played a pivotal role in providing students of African descent with social, academic, and political support. We honored this significant historical milestone March 6-8, 2018 by bringing together student, alumnae, faculty and stuff to celebrate Ethos' 50th Anniversary. Thank you for being here as we embraced our history, connected with oour community and explored the power of the Wellesley Effect.

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