Spring 2021 Courses

HIST 114: Vladimir Putin: Personage, President, Potentate  (Tumarkin) Q3 Remote

HIST 205: The Making of the Modern World Order (Matsusaka) Q3 Remote

HIST 208: Society & Culture in Medieval Europe (Ramseyer) Q3 Remote

HIST 221: The Renaissance (Grote) Q3 Remote

HIST 242: After Fascism: Germany since 1945 (Slobodian) Q3 Remote

HIST 249: Cold War Culture and Politics in the United States (Greer) Q3 Remote

HIST 262: The Life and Political World of Alexander Hamilton (Grandjean) Q3 Campus

HIST 264: The History of Pre-Colonial Africa (Kapteijns) Q3 Campus

HIST 383: 1947: Partition in History and Memory in South Asia (Rao) Q3 Remote

HIST 395: Legacies of Conquest: Empires in Chinese & World History (Giersch) Q3 Campus


HIST 205: The Making of the Modern World Order (Slobodian) Q4 Remote

HIST 207: Contemporary Problems in Latin American History (Osorio) Q4 Campus

HIST 220: United States Consumer Culture and Citizenship (Greer) Q4 Remote

HIST 231: History of Rome (Rogers) Q4 Remote

HIST 247: Splendor and Serfdom: Russia under the Romanovs (Tumarkin) Q4 Remote

HIST 272: Political Economy of Development in Colonial & Post-Colonial South Asia (Rao) Q4 Remote

HIST 280: Topics in Chinese Commerce and Business (Giersch) Q4 Campus

HIST 320: The Hand that Feeds: A History of American Food (Grandjean) Q4 Campus

HIST 352: Mental Health in European History (Grote) Q4 Remote

HIST 364: Films & Narratives of Social Change in the Modern Middle East & North Africa

(Kapteijns/Aadnani) Q4 Campus


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