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Fall 2018 Courses Illustrated Catalog

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HIST 200 - Roots of Western Tradition (Prof. Rogers)

HIST 204 - The United States History since 1865 (Prof. Greer)

HIST 205 - The Making of the Modern World Order (Prof. Matsusaka)

HIST 211 - The Empire of the Indies:  Spanish rule in America and the Phillipines (Prof. Osorio)

HIST 212 - Atlantic Revolutions and the Birth of Nations (Prof. Osorio)

HIST 213 - Conquest and Crusade in the Medieval Mediterranean (Prof. Ramseyer)

HIST 220 - United States Consumer Culture and Citizenship (Prof. Greer)

HIST 240 - Cities in Modern Europe (Prof. Slobodian)

HIST 247 - Splendor and Serfdom:  Russia Under the Romanovs (Prof. Tumarkin)

HIST 263 - South Africa in Historical Perspective:  Rereading the Past, Re-imagining the Future (Prof. Kapteijns)

HIST 267 - Deep in the Heart:  The American south in the Nineteenth Century (Prof. Quintana)

HIST 277 - China and America:  Evolution of a Troubled Relationship (Prof. Giersch)

HIST 284 - The Middle East in Modern History (Prof. Kapteijns)

HIST 302 - Seminar:  World War II as Memory and Myth (Prof. Tumarkin)

HIST 312 - Seminar:  Understanding Race in the United States (Prof. Quintana)

HIST 334 - Seminar:  World Economic Orders, 1918-2008 (Prof. Slobodian)

HIST 352 - Seminar:  Mental Health in European History (Prof. Grote)