Fall 2019 Courses

HIST 116 Vladimir Putin: Personage, President, Potentate (Prof. Tumarkin)

HIST 201 Rise of the West? Europe 1789-2003 (Prof. Slobodian)

HIST 203 Out of Many: American History to 1877 (Prof. Grandjean)

HIST 205 The Making of the Modern World Order (Prof. Matsusaka)

HIST 214 Society and Culture in Medieval Italy (Prof. Ramseyer)

HIST 234 Holy Roman Empire: Religion, Politics, and Culture from Luther to Napoleon (Prof. Grote)

HIST 243 Gender & Sexuality in 20th Century Europe (Prof. Slobodian)

HIST 245 Social History of American Capitalism from Revolution to Empire (Prof. Quintana)

HIST 248 The Soviet Union: A Tragic Colossus (Prof. Tumarkin)

HIST 253 First Peoples: An Introduction to Native American History (Prof. Grandjean)

HIST 269 Japan, the Great Powers, and East Asia, 1853-1993 (Prof. Matsusaka)

HIST 270 Colonialism, Nationalism, and Decolonization in South Asia (Prof. Rao)

HIST 279 Heresy and Popular Religion in the Middle Ages (Prof. Ramseyer)

HIST 280 Topics in Chinese Business and Commerce (Prof. Giersch)

HIST 293 Changing Gender Constructions in the Modern Middle East (Prof. Kapteijns)

HIST 311 Seminar: A New Birth of Freedom: Reimagining American History from Revolution to Civil War (Quintana)

HIST 369 Histories of “Ethnic” and “Religious” Violence (Prof. Kapteijns)

HIST 379 Heresy and Popular Religion in the Middle Ages (Prof. Ramseyer)

HIST 383 Seminar: 1947: Partition in History and Memory in South Asia (Prof. Rao)

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