Spring 2023 Courses

HIST 114Y: First-Year Seminar: American Hauntings (Grandjean)

HIST 116Y: First-Year Seminar: Vladimir Putin: Personage, President, Potentate (Tumarkin)

HIST 205: The Making of the Modern World Order (Slobodian)

HIST 208: Society and Culture in Medieval Europe (Ramseyer)

HIST 228: Swords and Scandals: Ancient History in Films, Documentaries, and Online (Rogers)

HIST 231: History of Rome (Rogers)

HIST 233: In Search of the Enlightenment (Grote)

HIST 234: The Holy Roman Empire: Religion, Politics, and Culture from Luther to Napoleon (Grote)

HIST 247: Splendor and Serfdom: Russia Under the Romanovs (Tumarkin)

HIST 251: Roads to Power: The Transformation of Space in 19th-Century North America (Quintana)

HIST 260: Pursuits of Happiness: America in the Age of Revolution (Grandjean)

HIST 261/PEAC 261: Civil War and the World (Quintana)

HIST 279/379: Heresy and Popular Religion in the Middle Ages (Ramseyer)

HIST 334: Seminar: World Economic Orders, 1918-2008 (Slobodian)

HIST 364/MES 364: Seminar: Film and Narratives of Social Change in the Modern Middle East and North Africa (Kapteijns)

HIST 369/MES 369*: Histories of "Ethnic" and "Religious" Violence (Kapteijns)

* IR-History Majors should take HIST 369 in lieu of HIST 395

HIST 371: Seminar: Legacies of Conquest: Empires in Chinese and World History (Giersch)

HIST 377: Seminar: The City in Latin America (Osorio)

HIST 379/279: Heresy and Popular Religion in the Middle Ages (Ramseyer)