Spring 2022 Courses

HIST 116: Vladimir Putin: Personage, President, Potentate (Tumarkin)

HIST 220: United States Consumer Culture and Citizenship (Greer)

HIST 230: Greek History from the Bronze Age to the Death of Philip II of Macedon (Rogers)

HIST 234: The Holy Roman Empire: Religion, Politics, and Culture from Luther to Napoleon (Grote)

HIST 244: History of the American West: Manifest Destiny to Pacific Imperialism (Quintana)

HIST 245: The Social History of American Capitalism from Revolution to Empire (Quintana)

HIST 252: The Civil Rights Movement Reconsidered (Greer)

HIST 260: Pursuits of Happiness: America in the Age of Revolution (Grandjean)

HIST 265: History of Modern Africa (Kapteijns)

HIST 276: The City in Modern South Asia (Rao)

HIST 321: Convicted: Crime and Punishment in Early America (Grandjean)

HIST 325: "Veni, Vidi, Vici": The Life and Times of C. Iulius Caesar (Rogers)

HIST 352: Mental Health in European History (Grote)

HIST 366: 'Greater Syria' under Ottoman and European Colonial Rule, c. 1850-1950 (Kapteijns)

HIST 376: Medicine, Public Health, and Nation Building in Latin America, 1890s-2000s (Osorio)

HIST 395: International History Seminar: Modern Imperialisms (Rao)