Spring 2020 Courses

HIST 114: American Hauntings (Grandjean)

HIST 205: The Making of the Modern World Order (Slobodian)

HIST 213: Conquest and Crusade in the Medieval Mediterranean (Ramseyer)

HIST 222: The Barbarian Kingdoms of Early Medieval Europe (Ramseyer)

HIST 244: History of the American West: Manifest Destiny to Pacific Imperialism (Quintana)

HIST 252: Civil Rights Reconsidered (Greer)

HIST 267: Deep in the Heart: The American South in the Nineteenth Century (Quintana)

HIST 285/REL 266: Ottoman State and Society, 1300 - 1923 (Balikcioglu)

HIST 314: Fashion Matters: Dress, Style, and Politics in U.S. History (Greer)

HIST 321: Convicted: Crime and Punishment in Early America (Grandjean)

HIST 334: World Economic Orders 1918-2008 (Slobodian)

HIST 395: Legacies of Conquest: Empires in Chinese and World History (Giersch)


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