Reserving Slater

Slater International Center

Events and Meetings at Slater International Center

Slater is a unique space with many functions. It houses the Office of International Student and Scholar Services and provides a place for members of the Wellesley international community. Slater is also a space used frequently for student organizations, faculty, and staff meetings, community events, cultural celebrations, lectures, and teas.

Upcoming events and programs at Slater International Center can be found on the College Event Calendar.

Reservation Policy

Planning an event for 2021-22

Slater International Center may be reserved by members of the Wellesley College community for college business or events with an international or multicultural focus. All reservation requests from faculty, staff, and students must be submitted through the College's 25Live Reservation System and will be reviewed in the order they are received. Please visit the Wellesley College Scheduling website for more information on how to submit your request. Scheduling FAQs can be found here.  

All reservation requests must be submitted along with a signed Slater International Center Acknowledgement of Policies & Guidelines form at least 2 weeks in advance. You will receive an email notification when your request is approved or denied. Requests will be approved if the space is available, if the request is for a Wellesley College meeting or event that occurs outside of regular business hours, and if the meeting is internationally or multiculturally focused. 

General Guidelines

  1. Slater International Center & Slater Patio are office spaces during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm) and must function as such during the office hours.

  2. After 10:00 pm, the Slater Center will be closed to allow custodial services to safely clean and sanitize the space for the next day. Please exit the building before 10:00 pm to allow ample time for event clean-up. 

  3. The front door of Slater will be locked and swipe access only. If you would like to prepare the space before your event or meeting begins, please request "set-up" time on your reservation. You will need to contact the Program Coordinator to arrange access (

  4. No outside guests or external vendors are allowed at campus events, any vendor must be approved before coming to campus. 

  5. Slater International Center has recently been renovated and original wood floors have been restored. To avoid damaging the floor, we ask that no furniture be moved. Unfortunately, external tables and chairs cannot be brought into Slater for events and meetings.

  6. The person reserving the house is responsible for the strict enforcement of the Wellesley College alcohol policy. Students should refer to the Student Handbook, and faculty should refer to the Administrative Handbook for a more detailed explanation of the policy.

  7. Slater is a shared space. During your event you will have full use of the upstairs area including: Kitchen, dining room, and living room. 

  8. Cooking or eating food will not be not encouraged at Slater, in order to decrease the potential rate of transmission. 

  9. It is ultimately the responsibility of the person reserving Slater to leave the house in its original condition following the event, this includes the following expectations: 

    • Must wear a mask indoors at all times and to be mindful of physical distancing when possible

    • Collect any garbage and place in trash bins

    • Clean up and carry out any materials or event items

    • Wipe down counters and table surfaces; cleaning supplies are under the upstairs kitchen sink

    • Turn off any electrical or A/V equipment and return items back to their original place

    • Close and lock all windows and doors

Resources Inventory

Slater Center capacity: 80 maximum 
Slater Patio capacity: 20 maximum 

Dining Room: 1 large wooden tables (difficult to move and must remain in dining room) with 4 chairs, 2 x 6' folding tables, and 1 podium stand.

Living Room: 1 flat-screen TV, 2 stereo speakers with aux cord, 2 high top tables, 3 coffee tables, 2 couches, 1 loveseat, 8 large upholstered chairs.