Beginning Korean

KOR 101 & 102  •  Seok Bae Jang & Sun-Hee Lee

Cartoon image of students saying Let's learn Korean!

Korean is one of the most difficult languages for American learners to acquire. It has typologically distinct features, including a complex sound system and unfamiliar phonological features, as well as difficult grammatical structures and a unique syllabic writing system. Although classroom instruction at Wellesley is devoted to strengthening every aspect of the language, students still require additional time outside the classroom to practice and digest complex linguistic information. We believe online instruction and resources will make a significant contribution to satisfying student/teacher needs in Korean language learning.

This project aims to develop a multi-modal teaching component that works in parallel with off-line instruction. The following components are included in this project:

  1. Digitalizing the current introductory course packet which includes eleven chapters
  2. Video recording and editing (key conversations and basic grammar)
  3. Sound recording and editing (key conversations and vocabulary)
  4. Creating dynamic practice materials

The above components are designed to facilitate the learning process of English speakers, who have limited exposure to foreign sounds and intonation, morpho-grammatical patterns, and word order. Specifically this introductory course uses the Roman Alphabet to promote an easier start-up so that learners can focus on phonetic distinctions.

Video camera iconWatch a brief video overview of this project: