A Visit from Therapy Dogs is a Highlight on the Reading Period "Take a Break" Calendar

May 11, 2015
Students visit with a therapy dog during reading period.

A recent post on the Wellesley College Health Service page reminds students: “You're only at your best if you're healthy.” To promote wellness and relaxation, the Wellness Outreach Committee offers a series of fun and relaxing activities and events during reading period. The first activity took place on Sunday with Hindu Puja in the chapel. Calendar offerings continue today with events including visits from therapy dogs at various locations throughout campus.   

Meditation, massage and mindfulness coloring are all also on the docket, along with kickboxing, pool games and a moonlight breakfast. Labyrinth walking and strolling around Lake Waban are suggested daily activities and, of course, there are snacks–make your own in a different location every day.

Programming is supported by the Health Service, PERA, Stone Center, Wellesley Fresh, and the Office of Student Involvement, in partnership with the Davis Museum, The Margaret C. Ferguson Greenhouses, LTS, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, PLTC, and Residential Life. 

Visit the calendar Facebook event or download the Spring 2015 “Take a Break” calendar.