Meet This Year’s College Government Cabinet

Members of 2017-18 College Government
October 3, 2017

What comes to mind when you think of Wellesley’s student government?

For Margot Lipin ’20 (pictured, far left), secretary-treasurer of the College Government Cabinet, the list includes problem solving, advocacy, innovation, and a long, proud tradition of leadership, dating back to 1901. 

That’s when the Student Government Association was formed to help foster respect, trust, and academic integrity among the student body. It was renamed College Government in 1918.

Over the years, College Government evolved into what it is today: a nine-member cabinet that serves as a resource for the entire student body and as a liaison to the administration. The cabinet’s responsibilities include managing all student organizations and committees; overseeing funding for those groups; leading various councils, including the Honor Code Council; fostering nonpolitical education on campus; and working with the Student Senate to address problems and concerns regarding all aspects of student and residential life.

“We strive to, and are proud to, really be in tune to the sentiments of all students on campus. Members of the administration regard us as peers, not just students,” said Lipin, who was elected to the cabinet last spring after serving as a senator for her residence hall the previous year. “Through College Government and its relationship with the administration, students have a real say in what happens on campus.”

Any issues that are important to students are important to the College Government Cabinet, from the cost of laundry machines in residence halls to the future of shadow grading to transportation between campus and other locations. “Some examples of projects CG has done are putting printers in several dorms, getting resident assistants compensation, and, several years ago, getting the Peter Pan bus to transport students to Boston,” said Lipin.

The cabinet meets every Wednesday night; the issues they plan to address this academic year include social life on campus, the multicultural requirement, and mental health.


Get to know this year’s nine cabinet members and a fun fact about each:

Maryam Khan ’18, College Government president, formally leads the senate and cabinet: “I’m Canadian-American, was born in Canada.”

Karen Su ’19, College Government vice president, manages all on-campus organizations and committees through the Student Organization and Appointments Committee: “I have been a pescatarian for over two years, by choice and for environmental reasons.” 

Margot Lipin, secretary-treasurer, manages all communications and finances: “I have 30 first cousins, mostly stemming from my large Irish family.”

Natalie Jin ’18, student bursar, leads the Student Organizations Funding Committee, which manages the Student Activities Fund: “I was an intern in software engineering at the Air Force Research Lab my senior year of high school, but now I am a finance junkie and am passionate about female development in the work force.”

Dina Al-Zu’bi ’19, multicultural affairs coordinator, leads the Community Action Network and Multicultural President’s Council: “I have a twin sister, and I took a gap year before coming to Wellesley.”

Tashay Campbell ’18, chief justice, leads the Honor Code Council: “I’m a dual citizen (Jamaica and U.S.).”

Maggie Neel ’18, House President’s Council–College Government liaison: “Although I now want to go into historic preservation, I was convinced until I was 16 that I would be a famous actress.”

Paige Cheatham ’18, director of on-campus affairs, leads the programming arm of CG and the Schneider Board of Governors: “I was a ballerina when I was younger.”

Sarah Nealon ’18, chair of the Committee for Political and Legislative Awareness: “I am a certified scuba diver!”