Distribution Courses

There are some common requirements for completing your Wellesley degree, whatever your major.

These include distribution of courses over different types of topics and studies.

That distribution requirement includes one unit in social and behavioral analysis and two units total from two of the following three distribution areas: epistemology and cognition; religion, ethics, and moral philosophy; and historical studies. Here's how philosophy courses fit into that rubric.

Epistemology and Cognition

103 Self and World
112Y First-Year Seminar: Born that Way? Innateness and Human Plasticity
200 Philosophy of Witchcraft
201 Ancient Greek Philosophy
203 Philosophy of Art
207 Philosophy of Language 
215 Philosophy of Mind 
216 Logic 
218 Value, Truth and Enquiry
221 History of Modern Philosophy 
245 Rationality and Action
300 Seminar: Philosophy Misfits and Philosophy Queens
310 Seminar: Ancient Skepticism
311 Seminar: Powers of Imagination
317 Seminar: Philosophy and Race
323 Issues in Social Philosophy of Language
325 The Free Will Problem
333 Seminar: Language and Law
345 Seminar in Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Psychology and Social Science 

Religion, Ethics, and Moral Philosophy

102Y First-Year Seminar: Till death do us part? Philosophical Perspectives on Marriage
105Y First-Year Seminar: The Ethics of Eating
108Y First-Year Seminar: Friendship
111Y First-Year Seminar: Right and Wrong: Ethics in Action
106 Introduction to Moral Philosophy
115 Introduction to African American Philosophy
200 Philosophy of Witchcraft
201 Ancient Greek Philosophy
207 Philosophy of Language
213 Justice
220 Philosophy of Literature
226 Philosophy of Law
233 Environmental Ethics
234 From Wilderness to Ruins
236 Global Justice
246 Toleration and its Limits
249 Medical Ethics
301 Seminar: Mortality and Immortality
303 Authenticity
319 Black Aesthetics: The Politics of Black Film
323 Issues in Social Philosophy of Language
330 Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing: Ethics for Everyone
338 Seminar: Who Owns the Past?
340 Seminar: The Meaning of Life
342 Seminar: Political Philosophy

Social and Behavioral Analysis

213 Justice

Historical Studies

221 History of Modern Philosophy
310 Seminar: Ancient Skeptism

Mathematical Modeling

216 Logic


203 Philosophy of Art