Phyllis Fleming Award

The Phyllis J. Fleming Award is presented annually to one or more graduating Wellesley College physics majors for excellence in physics.

The award is named in honor of Professor of Physics Emeritus Phyllis J. Fleming and is endowed by a fund created and sustained by many of Phyllis's grateful students and colleagues.

Phyllis with award winners

  Tyler Wellensiek, Elaine Ulrich,                    Maggie Waung (2002)
  and Gretchen Campbell (2001)

    Jenny Ross and Alceste Bonanos (2000)              Allison Dupuy (2002) 

         Heidi Warriner and Maureen O'Leary (1989)

Current/Past Winners

2023 - Cora Barrett, Eunice Beato, Laura Chin, Talia O'Shea and Jiatong Yang

2022 - Nora Fayyazuddin Ljungberg, Lizette Ortega, Abigail Pan, Amy Quintanilla and
      Piper Wysocki

2021 - Kate Azar, Emma Chickles, Zi Chua, Paula DeAnda, Kimberly Hernandez and
      Pearl Thijssen

2020 - Phoebe Amory, Hope Anderson, Jackie Ehrlich, Louisa Huang and Jennifer Wang

2019 - Clara Berger, Julia Wainwright, and Haimei Zhang

2018 - Mebatsion Gebre, Caroline Martin, and Jenny Xie

2017 - Sanaea Rose, Elsa Schlerman, and Hanae Yaskawa

2016 - Carina Belvin, Wanyi Li, Hikari Murayama, Emma Regan, and Hannah Sim

2015 - Kirsten Blancato, Kathryn Ledbetter, and Eunice Paik

2014 - Hannah Herde, Catherine Matulis, Helena Qi, and Samantha Stephens

2013 - Yoonji Choe, Lamiya Mowla and Rachael Zizza

2012 - Lucy Archer and Tiffany Lin

2011 - Catherine Lee, Floria Ngo, and Yomay Shyur

2010 - Jessica Lin and Allison Youngblood

2009 - Rebecca Dawson, Ying Wang, and Bilin Zhuang

2008 - Darrah Haffner, Sunita Kannan, and Christina Miller

2007 - Merideth Frey and Liz Rivers

2006 - Mona Ali, Xinxin Du, and Rachel Hock

2005 - Sheila Dwyer and Paulina Ponce de Leon Bariodo

2004 - Ama Baafra Abeberese. Eleanor Graham, Alyssa Meyer, Seila Selimovic, and Kali Wilson

2003 - Karen Hutchison and Stella Offner

2002 - Allison Dupuy and Maggie Waung

2001 - Gretchen Campbell, Elaine Ulrich, and Tyler Wellensiek

2000 - Alceste Bonanos and Jennifer Ross

1999 - Ava Erickson, Joan Marler, Hui Men, and Elizabeth Ricard

1998 - Rebecca Lippmann

1997 - Amy Picard

1996 - Katrin Hagemann and Michelle Parent

1995 - Kathie Cho and Emily Marciniack

1994 - Erika Abbas, Jill Fenske, and Heather Tavernier

1993 - Jen Glass and Lisa Wenner

1992 - Mary Alice Abbott and Laura Pisani

1991 - Amy Battles, Katherine Bedard, Beatrice Kendziorski, and Jeanette Ryan

1990 - Nergis Mavalvala and Bin Zhang

1989 - Maureen O'Leary and Heidi Warriner