For Auditors

Spring 2022

The College will continue the temporary suspension of the auditor program through the Spring 2022 semester. Please check back here in June 2022 for an update on the plans for Fall 2022.

Auditing Courses at Wellesley

Wellesley College courses are offered primarily to accommodate our degree-seeking students and others accepted to enroll for credit. When resources permit, we welcome select categories of people to attend courses on campus on a non-credit basis (as auditors).

Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria describes those groups of people who are eligible to audit a course at Wellesley:

  • Alumnae of Wellesley College who are interested in auditing courses should visit the Alumnae Office web site.
  • Current Wellesley College employees or retirees with at least 10 years of continuous service who are interested in auditing courses should contact Human Resources at 781-283-3202.
  • Wellesley town residents age 60 and older who are interested in auditing a course should contact the Wellesley Council on Aging (781-235-3961) or see the auditor website for details.

General Information for Auditors

  • Auditors that meet the above criteria are accepted at the sole discretion of the faculty member. Each faculty member also has sole discretion in setting the criteria by which auditors are evaluated for acceptance and in determining the extent to which auditors may participate in the course.
  • No documentation of participation is provided to auditors either from individual faculty or from the College.
  • Check the academic calendar for the important start dates and deadlines.
  • As a member of the community, each auditor is expected to respect and abide by the Wellesley College honor code.
  • An auditor may attend no more than one course per semester.
  • Please remember that many faculty are away during the holidays and there may be delays in response to your inquiries.
  • Refer to the Course Browser for the course schedule and classroom assignments. Make sure to check the day before classes start as classroom assignments may change.

Auditor Parking Information

Auditors must have a permit to park on campus. Please visit Campus Police (located on the main level of the garage) to fill out the necessary forms and pay the required fees. Payment for fees is accepted by check made out to Wellesley College. Auditors with parking passes will be able to park in the garage next to the Wang Campus Center.