Current Students

Financial Aid Application Process for Returning Students

For the 2022-2023 academic year, Student Financial Services is implementing changes to the financial aid renewal process for returning students. The materials required to complete your financial aid application will be listed on your MyWellesley portal.


1. Simplified Financial Aid Application


Students who have demonstrated significant calculated need or whose families report only wages as income will be identified as eligible for completing the simplified financial aid application process. For some families, this means we will not request tax return documents when reapplying for financial aid. For others, we may waive the CSS Profile. Please review your MyWellesley portal for the individual documents required to complete your financial aid application.


2. Full Financial Aid Application


Students whose families report more than wage income will be required to submit the FAFSA, CSS Profile and all income documentation (including all personal and business tax returns, W-2s, forms and schedules) as they have done in the past.


We will review financial aid applications for completion and accuracy. If discrepant information is identified, Student Financial Services will reach out to students about submitting the full financial aid application. Until awarded, we encourage students to monitor their portal as additional documentation may be requested.