The Global Portuguese Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program at Wellesley College that gives students the opportunity to combine the study of language, literature, history, film, music and culture.

Goals for the Global Portuguese Studies Minor:

  • Communicate effectively in written and spoken Portuguese;

  • Develop analytical and writing skills by studying and understanding the diverse cultures of the Lusophone world;

  • Identify key topics in contemporary film, music and fiction within the social, political and historical contexts of the modern Lusophone

  • world;

  • Recognize pivotal historical events and representative historical figures in the Lusophone world;

  • Develop abilities to participate in a global multilingual and multicultural community; and

  • Enable students to pursue these goals across multiple disciplines and departments.

Requirements for the Global Portuguese Studies Minor

The Global Portuguese Studies Minor requires a minimum of five units of course work. Students with advanced level of linguistic fluency in Portuguese may not have to complete Intensive Elementary and/or Intensive Intermediate Portuguese, but still must complete five units of course work. Before declaring a minor, students should consult with their faculty advisor and the Portuguese program director. Requirements for the minor in Global Portuguese Studies include:

Three Required Courses:

  • PORT203 – Intensive Intermediate Portuguese

  • PORT241 – Introduction to Lusophone Studies

  • PORT256/AFR256 – The Cultures of the Portuguese-Speaking World through Film, Music, and Fiction (all graded work must be in Portuguese)

Two Elective Units:

  • All elective courses, research or individual studies, must be approved by the Portuguese Program director if not listed as pre-approved below.

  • One unit must be in a course where all graded work is in Portuguese.