Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is composed of students, faculty, and staff who work to implement greener institutional policies at Wellesley.

Our main functions include, but are not limited to: advise the President on sustainability-related issues, develop policies regarding how environmental sustainability should be factored into College operations and decisions, and gather opinions from the College community on sustainability issues.

The Sustainability Committee would like to invite you to engage with the webinars and resources we have created to present recommended actions the community can take to reduce our carbon footprint in support of divestment from fossil fuels. 

The webinars are grouped by topic area: catering, energy, transportation, and infrastructure. Please see faculty as well as staff versions below (as some proposals are faculty specific). 

Both webinars will provide the opportunity for anonymous feedback via survey questions. We’ve also included links to resources such as the script and data below. You can also find Zoom links for the town halls we will be hosting in April. 



April Engagement Opportunities and Events 

  • Proposal Feedback Surveys (available in the Webinar Google Forms)
  • Community-wide Town Hall #1
  • Community-wide Town Hall #2
  • Friday, April 16th Administrative Council Meeting 
  • Wednesday, April 21st Academic Council Meeting

Sustainability Lists

Sustainability Committee members

  • Thomas Nolden (German Studies, 2020-23), Group A
  • Marilyn Sides (English, 2020-23), Group A 
  • Pinar Keskin (Economics, 2020-23), Group B
  • Noah Rubin (Education, 2019-22), Group B
  • Rebecca Belisle (Physics, 2019-22), Group C
  • Dan Brabander (Geosciences, 2020-23), Group C
  • Katie Christoph ‘21 and Bridget Sheng ‘24 Student representatives
  • Olivia Shehan, Sustainability Coordinator 
  • Piper Orton, Vice President for Finance and Administration 
  • Suzanne Langridge, Administrative Council representative
  • Dave Chakraborty, College President designee
  • Sarah Barbrow, Chief Information Officer designee
  • Helen Wang, Dean of Students designee


Previous Sustainability Committee members who contributed to the plan

  • Ashley Funk, Class of 2016
  • Ben Hammond, VP for Finance & Administration
  • Jay Turner, (Former Chair) Environmental Studies Program
  • Jihelah Greenwald, Class of 2016
  • Julie Norem, Psychology Department
  • Katie McLean, Facilities and Planning
  • Kris Neindorf, Student Life
  • Marilyn Sides, English Department
  • Paul Mullins, Facilities
  • Patrick Willoughby, Director of Sustainability
  • Sandy Kendall, Office of Resources and Public Affairs
  • Sarah Joskins, Designee for the Chief Information Officer
  • Sarah Koenig, Student Representative
  • Seth Neumuller, Economics Department
  • Sharon Bort, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Sohie Lee, Computer Science Department
  • Roth von Schmidgall, Groundskeeper Specialist
  • Thomas Hodge, Russian Department
  • Yurij Pawluk, President's Office


Featured alums who have contributed to sustainability

  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas class of 1912 Protector of the Everglades
  • Betsy Barlow Rogers ’57 revitalization of Central Park, NY
  • Sue Bridge ’60 founder of Wildside (off-grid homestead) and current resident steward.
  • Eva Coifman Sommaripa ’63 pioneer in the organic and localvore movement, owner of "Eva's Garden," which grows more than 200 varieties of culinary herbs, specialty greens, and edible flowers; Alumnae Achievement Award winner (proud to be the first farmer to win the award)
  • Former Wellesley president Diana Chapman Walsh ’66 actively involved in raising awareness around global warming.
  • Wendy Paulson ’69 Ecology of Place Initiative
  • Claire Parkinson ’70 climatologist at NASA
  • Judith Moore ’71 Sr. Environmental Specialist, World Bank
  • Deborah Cramer ’73 environmental writer
  • Robin Chase ’80 a transportation entrepreneur. Co-founder and former CEO of Zipcar, Buzzcar, a peer to peer car-sharing service in France (now merged with Drivy), GoLoco, an online ridesharing community, and Veniam, a vehicle communications company building the networking fabric for the Internet of Moving Things
  • Dorrie Pizzella ’80 urban agriculture, MA state government (in Patrick administration)
  • Maria Sevely ’84 an architect in New York. Maria’s work is included in the book Vertical City: Design for Sustainable Living
  • Rita Moran-Greiman ’85 Sustainability Hub at National Grid in Worcester, Mass., a learning space established in collaboration with Clark University and WPI to promote sustainable practices, energy efficiency, and smart energy solutions.
  • Anne Cody ’85 sustainable urban agriculture
  • Susan Murcott DS ’90 professor at MIT, focusing on water resources
  • Alethia Mariotta ’94 Corporate litigator turned organic herb farmer
  • Katherine Collins '90 author, founder of Honeybee Capital
  • Rachel Greenberger ’00 Director of FoodSol (food solutions) at Babson
  • Becky Owens ’03 graduated with an M.B.A. in sustainability from Antioch University New England. Becky relocated to Montana over the summer, where she is now working for Yellowstone National Park as the sustainability program manager for Xanterra Parks and Resorts.
  • Marisol Trowbridge ’05 sustainable fashion
  • Emily Rosenberg ’07 Environmental Scientist, Green MBA candidate
  • Noelle Fogg ’09 New Entry Sustainable Farming Project/Hutchins Farm - Concord MA
  • Catlin Powers ’09 Invented a cookstove as an undergrad, now is head of an environmental company.
  • Hoi-Fei Mok ’10 Recently received her PhD in environmental science from University of Melbourne’s School of Land and Environment. Her research focused on the feasibility of wastewater reuse for agricultural irrigation. Before graduate school, she spent time doing field work in the highlands of Tibet. She was a research intern at Food First, an institution for food and development policy.
  • Carrie Scanlon ’10 works at the Rainforest Alliance on sustainable agriculture.
  • Laura Stevens ’11 a grad student in geophysics at MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Joint Program, studying glaciers.
  • Genea Foster ’12 on Alternatives for Community and Environment (ACE) board
  • Carly Gayle ’13 sustainable livelihoods in Indonesia
  • Yuting Guo ’13 organic food in China
  • Eliana Blaine ’13 Save That Stuff


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