Registration Override Applications

students drawing on easels in studio classroom

100-Level Studio Course Permissions

A portion of every 100-level Studio Art course is held in reserve for first-year students. This space opens up as regular first-year registration begins. However, rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors must apply for a registration override to obtain a seat in the course. The studio faculty will review the applications received a few days before online registration begins and will confirm by email if a student has permission to register for the course. Newly declared and likely majors in Studio Art, Architecture, MAS, Art History or CAMS are strongly encouraged to submit an application so that they may complete all of their foundation requirements in a timely fashion. Non-majors will also be granted overrides as space allows. Check the Art Department website for application forms about two weeks before online registration begins. 

First Week Decisions/ Studio Courses

A student registered for a studio art course (at any level) must attend the first week of classes in order to retain her seat in the class. Once instruction begins, available seats will be given to students who are present and eligible for the course. Online enrollments figures are frequently misleading for studio art courses, so students who have been unable to register initially should plan to attend the first class session as it may be possible to add. Note that this must be done in person; students will not be able to add themselves to a studio class online without permission from the instructor.