Minor Requirements

Biological Sciences Minor Requirements

A minor in Biological Sciences consists of five courses.

Two Introductory Courses

1) One Course in Cellular and Molecular Biology:
BISC 110, 110P, 112, 112Y, 116
2) One Course in Organismal Biology:
BISC 111, 111T, 113, 113Y
Two 200-Level Courses 
Note: 200-Level courses are in groups.
Each course must be from a different grouping.
Group I Cellular Biology: BISC 219, 220
Group II Systems Biology: BISC 203, 207, 216
Group III Community Biology: BISC 201, 202, 204, 209, 210, 214, BISC 247/ES 247
(excluding Independent Research: BISC 250, 250H)
One 300-Level Course
(excluding Independent Research: BISC 350, 350H)
See the Course Catalog for more information. 
Other Notes:
Four of the five courses for a minor must be taken at Wellesley College.
Chemistry is recommended.
The College requires that no course is double-counted between two majors or between a major and a minor. When any BISC course is counted toward a non-BISC major, the student needs to make up for that course by taking an additional biology course towards their BISC minor. The elective course must be approved by the advisor.