Research and Other Opportunities

Participation in undergraduate research adds depth to the breath of the science curriculum and promotes active involvement in learning.

Students feel empowered by their experiences in the laboratory and by the analytical and problem-solving skills they acquire during their research collaboration with faculty members. In turn, faculty research is enhanced by the enthusiasm, ideas, creativity and results of the students. Many of our alumnae from the sciences cite undergraduate research with a faculty member as the single most influential factor in their choice of career.

Research Opportunities

First-Year Student Research Apprentice Program  The program is offered through the Science Center. The purpose of the program is to enable first-year students who have little laboratory experience to become apprentices in Science Center faculty labs and build some basic skills and confidence in their ability to participate in research. In addition, Science Center faculty will mentor students in completing applications for the Summer Research and SERP. Students are not required to have prior laboratory experience but are required to have an interest in STEM and to participate in the lab for 3-4 hours each week once accepted into the program. For more information contact Dr. Ayana McCoy.

Sophomore Early Research Program (SERP) This research program is offered through the Science Center. You can find more information and how to apply on the SERP page.

Independent Research For Credit Wellesley offers the opportunity to work closely with a faculty member on an independent research project (BISC 250, 250H, 350, 350H, 355, 365, 360, 370). For more information go to our Independent Research page.

Work Study Some faculty research labs offer paid positions for work study students. Please ask your Biological Sciences advisor for more information. 

Summer Programs During the summer, professors provide opportunities for students to conduct research in their laboratories. Past projects have included bacterial biochemistry and physiology, behavioral neurobiology, plant biology, aquatic ecology, evolutionary genetics, and much more. Students receive stipends from funds such as the Beckman Scholars Program, the Hughes Summer Research Grants, and the Mulhern Summer Research Awards.

Student Travel and Research Opportunities
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