Tanner & Ruhlman Conferences

Tanner and Ruhlman Conferences

Students of the Biological Sciences have presented projects at the Tanner and Ruhlman Conferences, ranging from public health and neuroscience to AIDS and cancer research to the ecology of Russian lakes and tropical Costa Rica.

Tanner Conference

"The Tanner Conference provides a venue for students and alumnae to reflect critically upon, analyze and share their off-campus experiences with others in the College community...the conference explores the learning that occurs through internships, service learning experiences, student teaching, international study, international Wintersession programs, experiential learning in courses, independent study, and research conducted away from Wellesley."

For more information: Tanner Conference Website


Ruhlman Conference

"The Ruhlman Conference is intended to foster collaboration among students and faculty across the disciplines and to enhance the intellectual life of the College. The event provides an opportunity for students, faculty, staff, friends, family, and alumnae to come together in celebration of student achievement."

For more information: Ruhlman Conference Website