Government, International Affairs, Law

Government, International Affairs, Law

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Welcome to the Government, Law, and International Affairs Career Community! Wellesley's rigorous liberal arts curriculum prepares students and alumnae to make a difference in the world. This curriculum equips students and alumnae with a skill set that is especially relevant in the government, law, and international affairs industries. Careers in this community require that individuals understand historical context, exhibit critical thinking, and display passion for service — whether it be in an NGO, a think tank, government agency, or the private sector.  

This career community includes industries that are often intertwined. For example, a student exploring a career in law may contemplate a career in international development or the Foreign Service. Given the overlap, it is important to define your personal interests and explore how they align with careers in this space to identify what fulfills you most.

Students and alumnae are encouraged to get started by exploring the resources below and scheduling an appointment in Handshake to meet with Nicole Park, the Career Community Advisor for Government, Law, and International Affairs.



International Affairs Resources

A career in international affairs can be fueled by a passion to travel and a desire to learn about our global environment, effectuate change, and make a difference in the world. Learn more about this field and applications through the resources below.

Government, International Affairs, Law

Green Hall 439A
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481
Tel 781-283-2881

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Top Job Functions

Class of 2019 Top Job Functions in the Government, International Affairs, and Law Community
Education / Teaching / Training
Writing / Editing
Political Organizing / Lobbying

Law School Acceptance Rate

81% of Wellesley applicants were accepted to law school in 2018
* Highlighted outcomes from 2019 graduates

“Investors don’t have to choose between making money & making the world better... Today’s smart money is investing in people and the planet.”

“For students interested in advocacy or a cause, such as immigration or civil rights – roll up your sleeves and volunteer! Through volunteering, you will gain insight and professional contacts in your chosen field.”

Jul 13, 2020

D-Prize Global Competition - direct regular application deadline

Eligible: any and all applicants are welcome, regardless of age, major, or nationality.

International Student, International Student, Travel, Service, Postgraduate

D-Prize is awarding new entrepreneurs up to $20,000 to alleviate extreme poverty. The world has cost-effective ways to end poverty, but problems in distribution prevent real impact from happening. Design a new NGO or venture that solves a "distribution challenge" on the D-Prize website, and receive funding to launch this fall. Who should compete? D-Prize is for all aspiring entrepreneurs. You may come from anywhere in the world, be any age, and have any background. You must be ambitious, a skilled leader, and ready to work hard to grow your company/NGO for years to come. Please note the...