Graduate School Preparation Mini-Grants

The Graduate/Professional School Preparation Fund, funded by a generous grant from the Wellesley Students’ Aid Society, is intended to help current Wellesley students with expenses related to graduate or professional school preparation. 

Once a semester, the Fund will offer small grants (grant amounts may vary cycle to cycle) for students to use towards eligible expenses.  Some examples of eligible expenses related to graduate school preparation include, but are not limited to:

  • Graduate or professional school test preparation courses, books, and registration fees
  • Graduate or professional school application fees and transcript fees
  • Travel for graduate or professional school visits and interviews

The application form includes a space for applicants to describe the expenses for which they are requesting the grant.


  • Students are also expected to apply for any fee waivers that are offered through testing companies and graduate/professional schools. 
  • Students may apply for a grant to use toward upcoming expenses or expenses they previously incurred during the current academic year for graduate or professional school preparation.
  • Students who have already received funding through the Graduate/Professional School Preparation Fund are not eligible to apply again.


Currently enrolled Wellesley students, including those graduating in this academic year, (on-campus or studying abroad) are eligible for Fund grants. GPA is not a factor in the decision-making process.  Please note:

Preference will be given to those applicants who:

  1. can be specific in terms of their graduate/professional school goals (for example: "applying to Master's degree programs in Museum Studies, ideally matriculating fall of 2024")
  2. have financial need


Fall Cycle

  • Early in the fall semester:  Fall grant applications open
    • Fall 2023: grant application is now open
  • Mid-October: Fall grant application deadline
    • Fall 2023: complete and submit the grant application form by 12:00 pm (noon) EST on Friday, October 20 to be considered
  • Mid-November: Applicants will be notified of grant outcomes
  • Early December:  Grants distributed

Spring Cycle

  • Early in the spring semester:  Spring grant applications open
  • Mid-March: Spring grant application deadline – details will be updated on this page closer to the beginning of the spring semester
  • Mid-April: Applicants will be notified of grant outcomes
  • Early May:  Grants distributed

How to Apply

Complete the application form, which is available at this link, by 12:00 pm (noon) EST on Friday, October 20 to be considered for funding.  Please note that grant amounts may vary between cycles.

Questions?  Email or