Graduate School Preparation Mini-Grants

The Graduate School Preparation Mini-Grants are intended to help students with the costs associated with the graduate school application process. These grants are a special opportunity made possible by the Wellesley Student Aid Society. They are only offered in 2019-2020 and may not be offered in the future.

Mini-grant awards will be up to $250. Examples of eligible expenses include:

  • Application fees
  • Transcript fees
  • Test preparation (including test prep courses and test prep books)
  • Test fees (including costs associated with sending test scores to schools)
  • Costs associated with traveling for interviews and program visits

If you would like to use this grant to cover an expense that falls outside these categories, please make a compelling case for how the expense is related to applying to graduate school.



Current Wellesley students who are applying to graduate school within the next academic year. GPA is not a factor in the decision making process.



Monday, December 2, 2019 at 11:30pm EST


How to Apply

Complete the application form by attaching the following required materials:

  • Budget: This should outline the costs you anticipate will be associated with applying to graduate school. Specify the expenses you hope this grant will cover. 

    • If you have applied for other aid to support you with applying to graduate school, or have received reimbursements from any of the graduate programs to which you are applying, please include them here. 

    • Example budgets are provided below to help you think about how you would like to communicate your costs associated with graduate school applications. 

  • Brief Statement of Intent and Need: In 300 words or less, please address the following:

    • What graduate program(s) are you applying to and why are you interested in pursuing this degree? In other words, how will this degree help you achieve your academic, professional, and/or personal goals?

    • Why do you need these funds and how will they support you in applying to graduate programs and/or visiting prospective programs? This is an opportunity for you to share any context about your personal and/or financial situation that you feel comfortable sharing and think would be valuable for the committee to know. 


Example Budgets

Example Budget 1


Expense Item Cost 
GRE test fee (included sending test scores for four graduate programs for free) $160
Additional GRE score reports (sent to Penn State and Stanford) $27 x 2 = $54

Application fees

  • University of Michigan
  • Duke
  • NYU
  • Boston College
  • Penn State 
  • Stanford

Total after waivers = $310

  • $75
  • $95
  • $110 (waived)
  • $75
  • $65
  • $125 (waived)
TOTAL $524
Amount requested and brief explanation Because my graduate school costs are over $500, I am requesting the full $250. Fortunately, I was able to secure application fee waivers from NYU and Duke, which greatly reduced my costs


Expense Item Cost 
Flight from Boston to Columbus, OH $197 (estimate from
Uber to hotel from airport and from hotel back to airport $25 x 2 = $50
Hotel for two nights $103 x 2 = $206 (estimate from

Food for two days

$5 x 2 for breakfast, $10 x 2 for lunch, $15 x 2 for dinner = $60

TOTAL $513
Amount requested and brief explanation I have already submitted my applications to medical school (which cost $678 for the MCAT and to send scores to Boston University, Ohio State, and UNC Chapel Hill). I received invitations to interview at Boston University and Ohio State, so I am now requesting these funds to help me pay for travel costs associated with interviewing at Ohio State (the costs to travel to BU are minimal). I am requesting the maximum grant amount of $250 to defray the costs associated with interviewing for Ohio State University Medical School.