Academic Department Internships & Grants

Co-Sponsored by Wellesley Career Education

Wellesley Career Education collaborates with various academic departments to offer other internship placements and programs. While Wellesley Career Education co-sponsors stipends to support these opportunities, the programs and placements themselves are arranged and structured by the academic department.

Additionally, some departments offer opportunities for students to receive stipends for unpaid, summer internships that they find outside of Wellesley’s established programs. Like the Wellesley Career Education grants, the award amounts vary, depending on cost of living, demonstrated financial need, a student’s proposed budget, and award type. Most students will receive about $4,000 to support these typically two-month, full-time experiences. By building our relationships with academic departments in these programs and resources, we are working to ensure that every single Wellesley student has access to at least one college-sponsored internship by the time she graduates.

Application Deadlines for Summer 2021 vary by Department.

Eligible Class Years
Varies by placement; for most, current sophomores and juniors are eligible though some departments offer opportunities to current first-years and seniors, as well.

Summer Programs Co-Sponsored by Wellesley Career Education: 

How to Apply: Unless otherwise noted, complete the Centralized Application Form. Please upload the materials required for your placements or grant programs, as described in each section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (Grants)

Summer Internship Credit Approval: Students participating in these programs are pre-approved to receive summer internship credit; the credit request process is integrated in the application process.