Amy L. Ashbridge ’01, MA, MPH, Health Communications

Amy L. Ashbridge

I was one of those clichéd English majors at Wellesley who avoided the Science Center like the plague, despite always having had a love for the science behind health care. Immediately after Wellesley, I earned my master’s degree in International Journalism from the University of Wales, Cardiff. But after working as a health reporter, I realized that while I loved health care, and I loved writing about health care, I didn’t actually want to be a journalist anymore. With the strength of my Wellesley background, I was accepted into a public health certificate program at the University of Albany. This positioned me to move into a communications role at a large academic medical center in Pittsburgh, Pa. There, I realized that my heart was in health communications — how could we use words and pictures to influence the health behavior decision process? I applied as a part-time MPH student at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health; six months after completing my degree, I was offered an appointment as the assistant director of communications and marketing at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing. I’m thrilled to come to work every day and serve as that translator and influencer between the health sciences and the public.