Fulbright Program (rising seniors & graduates)

EXTENDED Campus deadline:12:00 pm (noon) EST on Monday, September 12, 2022 

Missed the optional priority draft deadline on July 25?  You can still apply to fellowships with fall deadlines!  Feel free to come to our Fellowships Virtual Pop-up advising  (search Career Education events listings in Handshake for "pop") and/or email us at fellowships@wellesley.edu with questions.

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program provides grants to U.S. citizens who wish to travel abroad to pursue an individually designed study/research project in any field of study or to teach English with an English-Teaching Assistantship (ETA). During their grants, Fulbrighters meet, work with, live with and learn from the people of their host country, sharing daily experiences. The objective of the Fulbright U.S. student Program is to expose recipients to countries and cultures that are relatively new to them for the purposes of building new relationships and international understanding: the mission of the Fulbright program is "to foster mutual understanding between nations, advance knowledge across communities, and improve lives around the world." Approximately two thousand Fulbright grants are awarded each year, to over 140 countries. Be inspired by Wellesley's 2022-23 Fulbrighters!

(*Missed the campus application deadline? If you can get your application in by the national deadline on October 11, 2022, you can still apply for Fulbright this year--and there's no need to apply "At Large"! Go ahead and apply as a Wellesley candidate: take advantage of tips and links here, and drop in online to chat at Virtual Fellowship Pop-Up Advising: search events listings in Handshake for "Pop-Up.")

Resources for getting started:


Who is eligible?

  • Wellesley College seniors who will obtain their bachelor’s degree before the start of the grant (i.e. if you plan to apply in the fall of 2022, you must graduate in December 2022 or spring 2023) and Wellesley College graduates (who have not yet earned a PhD)

  • U.S. citizens by the date of the national application deadline in October

  • Applicants who possess language proficiency sufficient to communicate with people in the host country and to carry out the proposed project. (Language requirements vary by country: see individual country pages for specifics, and contact fellowships@wellesley.edu with questions or ask Caitlin when you book an appointment to talk over interests and plans.)

Successful candidates typically demonstrate a specific interest in their host country, and can make a connection between their past activities (academic, professional and/or extracurricular) and their proposed Fulbright project (study/research or teaching).


Where can I learn more?

Check out the official Fulbright website: http://us.fulbrightonline.org/. Learn there about different kinds of Fulbright grants, the requirements of the different countries you might hope to go to, how to tackle an application, past awardees, and more. Attend a campus information session if you can, and check out the helpful brief videos for applicants and/or the  calendar of official webinars offered during the summer and early autumn. And don't miss helpful recorded official webinars and alumni panels!

You might also be interested in support and resources offered by various Fulbright alumni groups, including LGBTQ+ Fulbright Prism, Fulbright Latinx, and Fulbright Noir.

How do I apply?

All Wellesley College seniors and graduates should apply for the Fulbright US Student Program with the support of the Wellesley College Fulbright committee: the committee wants to help you put forward the strongest possible application. Graduates are welcome and encouraged to seek the support of the Wellesley Fulbright committee--although if they currently in a US graduate/professional degree program they might be better served by applying through their current institution.  In any case, interested applicants are encouraged to book a Fellowships advising appointment online through Handshake, to discuss their interests and plans with Wellesley's Fellowships team, in person or via telephone/video chat, year 'round, including during the summer.

Application Checklist

☐ Completed official online application (this will be found via the Fulbright website;  in order for the Wellesley committee to be able to see your application, please submit it via the official application system in advance of the campus deadline. Fear not: it only goes to the Fellowships office at this stage, and we’ll be able to return electronic access to allow you to make changes in light of advice from the campus committee, before the national deadline in October)

             *Don’t forget to indicate that you're applying through Wellesley College (not "At Large"), or the Fellowships office won’t be able to see your application. Thanks!

Applications include the following components (don’t miss helpful details and application tips for study/research applicants and ETA applicants):

☐ Statement of Grant Purpose (Research: 2 pages, single-spaced. ETA: 1 page, single-spaced)

☐ Study/Research Letter(s) of Affiliation (apply by the Wellesley deadline even if you haven't yet secured these! Learn more via the official application advice, and don't miss detailed hints/best practices for affiliation on the Fulbright blog--and note that letters of affiliation are not required for ETA applications)

☐ Personal Statement (1 page, single spaced)

☐ Unofficial transcripts (Wellesley, study abroad, and any other institutions - ***note that the campus committee is happy to read the unofficial Wellesley transcript you can download, even though it doesn't have Wellesley's name on it, but the national competition requires that the name of the institution be on your transcript: the Fellowships office can help if you contact us in advance of the national deadline, so that you don't need to pay for an official Wellesley transcript to be able to apply for Fulbright)

☐ Three recommendations (register your recommenders in the official application system, so they may upload their references there - note that you may submit your application to meet the Wellesley deadline even if your references aren't in yet)

  • Research references are submitted in the form of a letter (see Fulbright guidance for writers of study/research recommendations here)
  • ETA references are submitted in the form of a form/questionnaire (see official guidance and sample ETA reference form here)

☐ Language self-evaluation form (completed by the candidate)

☐ Foreign Language Evaluation(s) (if applicable, completed by a faculty member: see the official Fulbright guidance for language evaluators, & the sample evaluation form there; register your language evaluator in the official application system, so that the official form may be submitted there - note that you may submit your application to meet the Wellesley deadline even if your language evaluation/s haven't yet been completed)

☐ Supplementary materials (for candidates in the fine or performing arts; the Fellowships office is glad to answer questions about this)

* Please also don't forget to submit your Wellesley Signature Document as part of the campus Fulbright survey you will complete after you hit submit (we will send you that survey after the campus deadline).


Application Timeline

Spring/Summer before applying

  • Attend Fulbright event on campus and/or view an official webinar, and book a Fellowships appointment via Handshake to discuss application ideas.
  • Check out our roadmaps for Fulbright ETA and Fulbright Study-Research applications.
  • Visit http://us.fulbrightonline.org  to learn more about the program, the application, and requirements for different Fulbright countries.
  • Talk with faculty and other mentors about your plans to apply: start by seeking their advice as you form your proposal.
  • Identify reference-writers and request references (letters for research candidates — see here; a form/questionnaire for ETA candidates — see here).
  • Identify language evaluator(s), as appropriate; if your evaluator has not taught you recently taught you in the appropriate language you'll need to schedule time for a language evaluation (Fulbright guidance for language evaluators).
  • Identify and secure a Fulbright affiliation, if applicable (research applicants only: find tips here).
  • Start writing! Complete several drafts of your application essays and share with the Fellowships team, mentors and others for feedback.

Fulbright application available online at http://us.fulbrightonline.org.

July 25
If you’d like feedback in advance of campus or national deadlines, submit drafts of essays to the Fellowships team through this google form for review no later than this date (earlier and additional drafts are strongly encouraged).

*Anyone meeting the draft deadline takes priority for appointments during August: book an appointment for feedback on Fellowship drafts via Handshake. (Cannot find an available appointment? Drop by Fellowships Pop-Up Advising: no appointment required. See our Events listings for details of in-person and virtual pop-ups.)

Missed the draft deadline? We will gladly fit you in if possible, once those who met the deadline have been fit in.

Early August

  • Follow up with your reference-writers to confirm they will meet the campus deadline (or not miss it by much).
  • Schedule and complete your language evaluation (if appropriate).

EXTENDED Campus deadline: Monday, September 12 by 12:00 pm (noon)
Submit complete application (including application, essays, references, transcripts, affiliation letter and other materials) via official online Fulbright application system. (Please hit submit, even if not all your references/language evaluations/affiliations are in yet; these may follow later at need.) *At this stage, hitting “submit” just sends your application to the campus committee: applicants will have a chance to make revisions after campus interviews are complete.


  • Interviews with campus Fulbright committee (seniors generally interview in person; graduates via video chat or phone).
  • After interviews, Wellesley’s Fellowships team will return access to online applications, to allow applicants to make final revisions.

Make final revisions and polish application.

12:00 pm, October 10, 2022
Final deadline for online submission of official application. Applications will be reviewed, have the campus evaluations added, and be forwarded to Fulbright in advance of the national deadline on October 11, 2022.  We require that you submit your application by this deadline to ensure that your application is in safely in advance of the national deadline (despite hurricanes, system crashes, and other unforeseebale challenges).

By the end of January
Fulbright candidates learn whether or not their applications have been forwarded by the US screening committees for consideration in the countries to which they’ve applied.

Fulbright results are announced (dates vary by country).


Email fellowships@wellesley.edu or call Caitlin Roberts-Donovan at 781.283.2347.