Remy Cawley ’13 and Saba Sulaiman ’09, Editor at W. W. Norton and Literary Agent at Talcott Notch Literary Agents

Remy Cawley

Editor at W. W. Norton Remy Cawley '13 and literary agent at Talcott Notch Literary Saba Sulaiman '09 are excited to be working together on a deeply feminist — in the true Wellesley tradition — book by author Lyz Lenz. BELABORED is a humorous exploration of the myths and medical misconceptions surrounding pregnancy, offering irreverent cultural criticism interwoven with personal experiences and historical anecdotes, and using the experience of being pregnant in America as a lens to examine our society's deepest-held beliefs. Remy and Saba met for the first time over hot chocolate in early 2015 when Saba reached out to Remy through the Wellesley network — at the time, neither of them were building their own lists, but they kept in touch, and two years later, the book was born at another fortuitous meeting between the two of them and the author, at which both the coffee and creative juices flowed freely.