Wellesley-Sponsored Internships Statement of Intent Guidelines

For your statement of intent, please be prepared to write one page (1" margins, single spaced, minimum 12 pt font) about your interest in the program by responding to the following prompt:

Please describe the internship(s) you are applying for. Why are you interested in this particular opportunity? How will this experience inform and/or further your career journey?  Your focus need not be on specific careers, but can be more general, such as exploring possible career options or gaining experience in particular skills.

Signature Programs applicants: Focus your response on the particular PROGRAM you are applying to and NOT your chosen placement(s).

Grants applicants: Discuss your proposed summer experience. Be as specific as possible, including potential career industries, employers, and roles/responsbilities.

In your statement of intent, please address the following:

  • Career Exploration: What are your personal, professional, and/or academic interests and goals? What sparked those interests and motivates those goals?
  • Proposed Experience(s): What do you expect to learn from and contribute to your internship experience? What (if anything) is relevant to your previously stated goals and interests?
  • Academic Preparation: What is the academic relevance of this proposed experience? How have your academic pursuits prepared you (either directly via specific skills and knowledge or indirectly through liberal arts training)?
  • Professional/ Extracurricular Preparation: Which transferrable skills and knowledge gained from past professional, volunteer, and leadership experiences are most useful and relevant to your proposed experience? 

Additional Tips & Considerations

  • Applicants are encouraged to connect and integrate ideas across multiple prompts.
  • You may also use this space to explain or describe any unique experiences, challenges, triumphs, or personal information that provides the review committee with additional insight into your application as long as such information is directly related to your interest and capacity to thrive in the PROGRAM.
  • Your application will also be evaluated on its professionalism. Ensure that your submission is complete and a reflection of your best work. Your application materials should be free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Properly format your materials (statement of intent, resume, and cover letter [if required]) and include headers (student first and last name).