“Seeing young girls excited about STEM has been really meaningful and encourages me to continue improving Robogals and increasing our reach to impact more girls.”

“In a given week, I might be working with our program staff who are based around the US, Canada and the UK to design learning experiences for teachers; meeting with partner organizations to plan collaborative projects; consulting with filmmakers or scholars who want to reach students; or researching and writing about challenging issues for educators.... It’s probably unusual to stay at one place for so long, but I’ve always been able to answer ‘yes’ to a few key questions: Am I learning? Is my world getting bigger? Is my work making a difference?”

Princeton Review: Discounted Test Preparation

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Wellesley Career Education


Wellesley Career Education is pleased to announce a partnership with Princeton Review that will enable Wellesley students and alumnae to purchase test review products at a discount!

“I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to build community with other like minded people across the country who are dedicated to working on the same kinds of issues that I am.”

“By living in vegan communities and exploring their foodscapes, I hope to understand the lived experiences of being vegan across cultures and find ways to adapt veganism to various cultural contexts and customs.”

“When students ask me how I became a teacher, I’m quick to credit serendipity; I didn’t intend to spend my career in education when I took my first teaching job, but I couldn’t be more grateful to have landed here.”

“Although I am still deep in the throes of being a ‘first year’ teacher, I would not trade my experience for anything.... Teach For America has taught me to be strong, to be critical and to be thankful.”

“I hear from the parents of Dynamo Girls whose daughters are on the cusp of taking great risks: at the top of mountains, at the sides of a pool, in the wings before going on stage, and the parents say to them—‘You can do this. You are a Dynamo Girl.’”

German Studies Department Internships in Dresden

Students with an effective command of German are encouraged to apply for one of three paid summer internships in Dresden. Students are required to work a minimum of 300 hours over 8-10 weeks.

    Jewish Studies Research and Grant Opportunities

    The Jewish Studies program offers both research and grant opportunities for students pursuing work related to the interdisciplinary study of Jewish culture and civilization. 

    • Diarna Geo-Museum Internship

    “From the beginning, my career mentor was there to brainstorm, encourage, and motivate me to pursue an internship that aligned with my interests.”

    Graduate Degrees and Program Examples

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    Wellesley Career Education

    This resource covers key questions to explore when considering a degree and program type, and provide information about:

    • Certificate & Post-Baccalaureate Programs
    • Master’s Programs (MA, MS, MBA, MFA, MEd, etc.)
    • Doctoral Degrees
    • Dual Degree Programs

    On-Campus Recruiting Program Policies (Students)

    Sarah Isham
    Sarah Isham

    Career Education expects all students to abide by the following rules in order to maintain the success and integrity of Wellesley’s recruiting program.

    Navigating the Job Search: The 4 Step Model

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    Wellesley Career Education

    The four steps in this resource will help keep you focused and productive in your search. You should plan on revisiting each step as your knowledge and understanding of positions and industries grow. Each step below is outlined without a specific industry or position in mind. It is best to schedule an appointment with your Advisor for Career Exploration (ACE) or an Industry-specific Career Advisor to customize your process. The questions we have provided at each step are designed to help you reflect on your preparedness and identify what you may need to move forward in the process.

    Udall Scholarship (sophomores & juniors)

    Kate Dailinger
    Kate Dailinger

    Supports a year of undergraduate study for American Indians and Alaska Natives working on an array of policy issues in Indian country or interested in pursuing health-related careers, or for students with demonstrated leadership, service, and commitment to issues related to conservation and environmental issues. Eligible are college sophomores and juniors who are US citizens, nationals, and permanent residents. Campus application deadline typically in early February.

    Spanish Department Internships

    The Spanish Department is pleased to offer several internship opportunities to practice and continue exploring the Spanish and Hispanic languages and culture. For Summer 2021, the Spanish Department has confirmed virtual internships at El Observatorio Instituto Cervantes at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) and el Museo de Arte de Ponce (Ponce, Puerto Rico).

    Due to the continuing pandemic, it is unclear whether the following opportunities will be offered this summer:

    • Asociación de parálisis cerebral y otras afecciones similares, (ACPACYS) (Córdoba, España)
    • Museo de Arte de Ponce (Ponce, Puerto Rico)
    • Universidad Internacional Menéndez y Pelayo (UIMP) (Santander, España)

    Wellesley has not determined whether it will resume funding in-person internships this summer; a decision is expected in April. Many organizations are also uncertain whether they are able to host this summer. If, at a later date, an internship at one of these organizations becomes possible, the Spanish Department and Career Education will advertise the opportunity and reopen the application for these sites. 

    Wellesley Grants Program: Application Process & Timeline

    Lorraine Hanley ’98

    This resource page offers in-depth details about the Grants Program application process, timeline, and selection process. For an overview of program eligibility & opportunities, visit the main page for the Wellesley Grants Program.

    Wellesley Career Education Signature Internship Programs

    Lorraine Hanley ’98

    Wellesley College Internships are funded internships with organizations who maintain ongoing partnerships with the College to offer intern placement with them every year. Our program partners are leading cultural, educational, and scientific institutions; international agencies; media outlets; advocacy and community organizations; and businesses both within the United States and in countries around the world.

    Wellesley Career Education Summer Internship Grants (Stipends for Student-Identified Placements)

    Lorraine Hanley ’98

    Through the ongoing and generous support of our donors, the College is able to offer funding to support unpaid internships which students identify on their own. Many award recipients pursue internships in nonprofit organizations focused on education and other community development areas, but funding is available for opportunities in other sectors both within the United States and internationally, as well. In addition to the stipends, Wellesley Career Education staff provide ongoing professional development and career education training throughout their summer experiences.