E-Reserve used to refer to electronic materials that have been cleared by Clapp Library.

Because that structure is no longer in place (see COPYRIGHT INFO), E-Reserve is now Copy Center lingo for any electronic copy we make from the materials you give us.

We can copy materials from books, magazines or periodicals, or use your provided paper copy if it is clean enough (devoid of black edges or compromised text). The pages for scanning must be clean because added lines, or dark spaces make the file too large, and also waste toner/ink when students print out the E-Reserves.

We will scan the paper copy we create into a PDF file, edit it and send it directly back to your email.

Pricing for E-Reserves

The Copy Center provides this service for $.15/sheet (plus $1.00) from a book or journal in black and white. For color images this service is $.30/sheet (plus $1.00 per pdf edited).