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We have revised our COVID-19 policies in ways that will allow us to teach, learn, collaborate, and build community more easily. As we update many of our guidelines, we also recognize that members of the community may choose to mask or test more often than required based on their individual health and family situations, which we encourage.

The following COVID protocols are in effect at Wellesley as of August 1. Going forward, we will revise our health and safety policies according to CDC guidelines and as vaccinations against the newer variants become available. Because we are discontinuing broad-based asymptomatic testing, we will no longer maintain the COVID dashboard.

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  • As a general rule, masks are optional on campus and in all campus buildings, with the exception of classrooms, Health Services/Counseling, and in the testing center (the College Club), where they are required. This general policy is subject to the following qualifications:
    • Faculty members may make masking optional in their own classrooms/laboratories at their discretion.
    • Masks are required for individuals who have tested positive during the five-day isolation period and for the next five days.
    • Masking is encouraged for close contacts and for several days following out-of-state or international travel.


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  • All faculty, staff, and students must be up to date with COVID vaccinations, which includes having received at least one booster.
  • Medical and religious exemptions will be considered.
  • New students and new employees must sign the COVID acknowledgment form.


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  • The College testing program is optional and will be held at the College Club testing center. See the toolbox for hours of operation. 
  • Faculty, staff, and students can opt in to weekly testing, no appointment needed.
  • Testing is recommended if:
    • You are symptomatic. (Symptomatic testing is now allowed at the College Club.)
    • You are exposed as a close contact (test between days three and five).
    • You have traveled out of state or internationally (test between days three and five).
  • Continue to report positive results of COVID tests taken off campus. You will be excluded from testing for 90 days from your verified test date since you can continue to test positive on a PCR, but it isn’t a new or active infection.
  • Beginning the first week of August, the College uses a new platform for managing test results through a company called Color. The Broad Institute will continue to process the test samples. 
  • People who wish to test will need to sign into Color using their Wellesley email and complete the registration process. At the testing center, you can use your smartphone or a tablet that will be available to activate the Color test. Testing staff will be on site to assist.

Testing Positive

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Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty and staff who test positive should isolate at home for five days, then wear masks for another five days, and refrain from eating with others.
  • If faculty and administrative staff feel well enough to teach or work remotely during the isolation period they can, but they are not obliged to do so.
  • Catherine Cuddy, Wellesley’s COVID coordinator, will advise employees regarding return to work.


  • Students who test positive will isolate in their residence hall rooms then wear masks for another five days, and refrain from eating with others.
  • During the five-day isolation period, students must not attend class or leave their residence hall room except to use the restroom/shower, pick up to-go meals in a dining hall, or for medical attention/an appointment at Health Services.
  • Following the five day isolation period, students who tested positive may attend class, but they must remain masked and refrain from eating with others for an additional five days.
  • Health Services will advise students regarding release from isolation.

Close contacts

  • Close contacts of individuals who tested positive are not required to quarantine and are expected to attend class and work on campus.
    • Close contacts who are not fully vaccinated should quarantine for five days. 
    • Students who are close contacts and are unvaccinated or have symptoms may need to quarantine and should call Health Services for advice.


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  • Campus buildings continue to be closed to the general public and will require swipe access where available. However, members of the College community may invite guests into buildings. In addition, events (such as lectures, performances, or competitions) may be designated as open to the public, and public-facing facilities (such as the Davis Museum, Global Flora, and the Office of Admissions) may be open at specified hours, with the prior approval of the relevant division head.
  • All visitors to the College must be vaccinated. Individuals, departments, or offices inviting guests and members of the general public to the campus are responsible for communicating the College’s vaccination requirement to them. Masking is optional for visitors on campus.

Key Contacts

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